26 January Speech In English 2023

How to write speech in English for Republic Day?

Short Speech on Republic Day – Good morning to everyone who is present here on this auspicious occasion. All of us are here to celebrate the 72nd republic day of our country today. I am obliged and honoured to give a speech on republic day. Republic Day, celebrated every year on 26th January has a special significance in the history of India.

  1. To make the event memorable the national event is celebrated every year with a lot of joy, happiness, and pride in our hearts.
  2. As we know on 26 January 1950, the Indian constitution came into effect and so from that day we the people of India constantly praise it as the Republic Day of our country.
  3. We all know that India got independence on 15 August 1947 but the nation didn’t have any constitution of its own.

However, after many discussions and considerations, a committee headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar submitted a draft of the Indian constitution which was adopted on 26th November 1949 and officially came into effect on 26th January 1950. I wanna end this speech by saying that India is a democratic country.

The citizens living in a democratic country enjoy the privilege to elect their leader to lead the country. Although there has been a lot of improvement till now, it can also be said that we have been facing a few problems such as pollution, poverty, Unemployment, etc. One thing we all can do is to promise each other that we will become a better version of ourselves so that we could contribute to solving all these problems and making our nation a better place.

Thank you, Jai Hind. : Republic Day Speech for Students in English

What is Republic Day in English in simple words?

Republic Day (India) National day of India Republic Day of India The original text of the, The came into force on 26 January 1950 ( 1950-01-26 ), Observed byTypeSignificanceInception of the CelebrationsParades, Holidays in schools, speeches and cultural dancesDateNext time26 January 2024 ( 2024-01-26 ) FrequencyAnnual Republic Day is the day when India marks and celebrates the date on which the came into effect on 26 January 1950.

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What is the slogan on Republic Day in English language?

Unique and Catchy Slogans on Republic Day of India 2023 – It’s our pleasure to celebrate Republic Day every year. We feel proud to live in democratic country, however; do we know the real mean of democracy. Being Indian is our identity however; being republican is our country’s identity.

Many martyrs lost their lives then we got free country to survive. Let’s celebrate clean day in India as like republic day. We celebrate republic day since 1950 but be sure to celebrate clean India by 2020 also. Celebrate and respect the Supreme law of Nation – Constitution. Clean India, green India, make it pollution free India.

“We are together” say it loud and make our motherland be proud. Let’s welcome development in the republic India. Republic means enjoying your own powers; so Happy Republic Day. Republic Day is a festival for Indians to secure their rights. Our constitution is our power.

  1. Our Flag is India’s pride, let’s unfurl it nationwide.
  2. Whatever may be the weather, we will celebrate Republic Day together.
  3. Educate the girl child and make the nation feel pride.
  4. Let’s spread a message of Brotherhood this Republic Day.
  5. Freedom is not freedom until it gives equal rights to all.
  6. Slavery is better than freedom in true sense as it behaves equally with all.

Freedom is not a thing, so it cannot be seen it can be felt only. Freedom is not to be free from any ruler; however, it is to be free from all the bondages whether they are physical, social, political, psychological or intellectual. Freedom is worth if it makes people happy physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically.

  • As being youth we only believe in truth that we are force to change country’s fortune.
  • Don’t see the colors our national flag has, feel the meaning it reveals behind.
  • We have been free of ruling body, however; still getting ruled by corruption and terrorism.
  • In true sense, freedom is being free of diseases, greediness and filthy mind.

Real state of freedom is one with the controlled five sense organs. Let us see a dream at this republic day; One Nation, One Vision, and One Identity. Tiranga, which we unfurl on Republic Day, indicates our freedom. Let us take a pledge at this republic day to live for India till the last breath of life.

  1. If you want to live with freedom, love your country! If you want freedom in real means, be free from dirty, pollution and global warming.
  2. Our forefathers gave us republic country, but; would we able to give our future generations a pollution free country.
  3. Making India a democratic country was the dream of our forefathers and; ours should be clean India and green India.
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Republic day is a national event when India’s power, culture and unity are displayed. Let’s celebrate Republic Day this year with the motto of Clean India, Developed India. Clean India Developed India is the way to real freedom. We feel proud to celebrate Republic Day because of our real Heroes.

Pay your responsibility loyally to retain the freedom in country. Be loyal to your duties towards country! Save the children, save the nation. Prevent child labour and ensure development in the country. Educate the gild child, develop the nation. Empower women to empower the country. Clean India, green India for pollution free India.

Independent India, Republic India, let us make it developed India. Clean India, Developed India is the only motto of Republic India. Save children, save women to change the fortune of India. Clean India, Developed India will be really an incredible India.

  1. Let’s salute our real Heroes on Republic Day.
  2. India is our home; let’s make it clean and green for our teens.
  3. Celebrate the day of Self Rule with spirit of Unity.
  4. Celebrate and respect the Supreme law of Nation – Constitution.
  5. Sing National Anthem and celebrate the Constitution.
  6. Remember the sacrifices made to achieve “Swaraj”.

It took almost 3 years to draft Constitution; this calls for a grand celebration. Celebrate the transition from British Regime to Independent Republic. Unity and integrity are at the core of Swaraj – Stay united! Show the National Flag around; don’t let it ever touch the ground.

How do you introduce yourself on Republic Day?

Long Speech – A very warm good morning to one and all present here. I am Rahul, a student of Class 8. I am here to present a speech on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day. I am glad as I am chosen to present this speech and welcome everyone to this occasion.

  • Today, India celebrates its 72nd Republic day.
  • On this day, I on behalf of the school committee, welcome our honourable chief guest.
  • I would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt greetings to our honourable principal, vice-principal, respected teachers, and my dear schoolmates.
  • We all have gathered here today to celebrate Republic Day 2021 and commemorate India’s 72 years of democracy.
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I have got this wonderful opportunity to come on the stage and deliver the welcome occasion speech. I would like to talk about my beloved country on this occasion of Republic Day. We all must know India celebrates Republic Day on 26 January as the Constitution of India came into existence on this day in 1950.

  • This not only made us a republic but also made the people of India the highest authority in the country.
  • Our freedom fighters had struggled and sacrificed their lives so that the future of India is not under slavery.
  • Freedom strugglers like Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and many more must be remembered.

We must pay tribute to them on today’s occasion. India won Independence on August 15th, 1947. About 200 years of British rule came to an end on this day. Even after independence, India was facing Hindu-Muslim riots and corruption. It was the duty of each member of free India to return the country to its glory.

After rigorous efforts, the constitution was finally implemented in a full-fledged manner on January 26, 1950. The credit for drafting the Indian constitution goes to B.R. Ambedkar. He was a member of the Constituent Drafting Committee who is considered the chief architect of the constitution of India.26th January is celebrated as colourfully organized cultural events all over the country.

Every citizen of India is filled with pride and happiness on the occasion. They play patriotic songs and enjoy sweet dishes to mark the celebrations. India’s constitution is considered one of the best in the world. India is the largest democracy. However, India is still pulled back by crime, corruption, violence, terrorism, etc.

Arjun Patel