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What is the best 5 rule in CBSE 2023?

The CBSE has mandated that the marks secured in a particular skill subject can be included in their best of five marks for classes IX and X if the students are not able to secure better marks in mainstream subjects. Also, if a student fails in any of the three mainstream subjects (Science, Maths, and Social Science), the marks secured in the skill subject would be added to the best of five.

  1. The proposed changes would come into effect from the 2023-24 academic session.
  2. The decision has been taken by CBSE to bridge the gap between mainstream and skill subjects.
  3. Studying a vocational subject alongside mainstream subjects will qualitatively enhance students’ knowledge base and would equip them with the practical know-how of the particular field.

Speaking to Education Times, Biswajit Saha, director, CBSE, says, “The decision to include the marks of skill subject in the best of five for classes IX and X has been done as NEP 2020 advocates an inclusive approach to education. This step has been taken to integrate vocational education with mainstream education which will ensure that there is no separation between the conventional mainstream and vocational subjects.

  1. It would also prompt parents to motivate their children to proactively opt for skill subjects.” This core concept of skilling has to be internalised at the school level without undermining the academic subjects so that in times to come the country becomes a global skill capital.
  2. Skill education needs to be encouraged in schools as it would be instrumental in involving the students in projects and activities through innovative pedagogies which will bring out their best potential,” adds Saha.
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The aim is the interrelated academic and skill subjects. “For instance, it would be beneficial for the students if they opt for Tourism as a skill subject alongside studying Social Science as both are interrelated. Similarly, while studying Science, students can opt for IT as a skill subject to increase the knowledge base.

Recently, skills subjects on Life Sciences and some concepts of Pharmaceutical Sciences have also been introduced,” informs Saha. Sudha Acharya, chairperson, National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC), says, “For a school education ecosystem to be progressive there should be no demarcation between conventional and vocational subjects.

It would work as an incentive for students who are not unable to perform in conventional subjects. Especially, it is beneficial for children with special needs as it would relieve them from some quantum of stress.”

Which is the hardest chapter in class 10?

The toughest chapter in Class 10 Science is Heredity and Evolution. However, it also contains more weightage of marks. It is common to feel anxious looking at a more difficult chapter like this one, although the students should remain calm and collected to secure higher marks.

What is the hardest subject in Class 10?

Indeed, mathematics and science are among the most difficult subjects to master in board examinations. Nevertheless, if adequately studied, these two courses might lay the groundwork for your success in the CBSE 2022 Term 2 Class 10 board examinations.

Which subject is easiest in class 10th?

CBSE 10th Social Sciences Preparation Tips 2024 – Social science is a big subject that consists of history, civics, geography, and economics, each carrying an equal weightage of 20 marks. It is one of the boring subjects but easy to understand & score.

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Make pointers for long answers and then try to remember them. Practice map questions as much as you can. Create tables for important dates, names of the rulers and other important persons, and go through them every now and then. Attend short answers and then go for long ones. Relate the concepts to real-life situations for easy understanding.

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