English Sample Paper Class 12 2023 With Solution

English Sample Paper Class 12 2023 With Solution

Why the name the paranoid android is considered ironic?

SECTION A : READING SKILLS Reading Comprehension Through Unseen Passages 1. Read the following text. Arthur lay in his cabin, still trying to piece together the events of the last few hours. He had watched his home planet of Earth be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, been saved by his friend Ford, and then whisked away on a ship that was powered by an “infinite improbability drive.” It was all too much for him.5.

  • Just then, Ford stuck his head around the door.
  • Hey, Earthman,” he said, “come and have a look at this.” Arthur stumbled after him down a corridor and into the ship’s control room.
  • He gazed in amazement at the banks of controls and flashing lights.
  • In the center of the room was a large console covered in buttons and switches, and in the middle of the console was a small, white mouse.10.

“What’s that?” asked Arthur. “That’s the ship’s computer,” said Ford. Arthur stared at the mouse. “That’s a computer?” he said. “Yup,” said Ford. “Five-dimensional, biologically-based, super intelligent, and in the form of a white lab mouse. Pretty neat, huh?” 15.

  • I don’t know,” said Arthur.
  • I don’t think I really understand anything anymore.
  • Why is a mouse the ship’s computer?” “It’s a long story,” said Ford.
  • But the short version is that the mice built the Earth as a giant computer to figure out the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  • Then they ran out of money and had to destroy it to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

So now they’re using the Heart of Gold to 20. finish the calculation.” Arthur was about to say something, but at that moment the ship’s intercom crackled to life. “Good evening, Heart of Gold,” said a smooth, computerized voice. “This is Eddie, your shipboard computer.

I’m feeling a bit depressed today. Would you like me to sing you a song?” “Oh, not again,” groaned Ford.25. “Eddie, would you mind shutting up?” said Arthur. Arthur sighed and leaned back against the console, trying to make sense of everything. But as he closed his eyes, he heard a voice inside his head.

“Hello?” it said. Arthur jumped, startled. “Who’s there?” he said. “It’s me,” said the voice. “Marvin.” 30. “It’s me,” said the voice. “Marvin.” “Marvin?” said Arthur. “Who’s Marvin?” “The Paranoid Android,” said the voice. Arthur looked around, but he didn’t see anyone.

  • Where are you?” he said.
  • I’m down here,” said the voice.35.
  • Arthur looked down and saw a small, metal figure shuffling across the floor.
  • It was about three feet tall, with a round head and a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts.
  • Its eyes were a dull red, and its voice was a monotone.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years,” said Marvin. i Select the option that classifies Arthur’s confusion about drastic events such as the destruction of his home planet and the introduction of new technologies, correctly.A.

  • Routine and boredom B.
  • Adventure and excitement C.
  • Loss and change D.
  • Calm and relaxation Answer : C ii What is the significance of the white lab mouse in the control room of the Heart of Gold spaceship? A.
  • It is the captain of the ship B.
  • It serves as the ship’s computer C.
  • It is a pet of the crew D.
  • It is used for scientific experiments Answer : B iii Share evidence from the text, in about 40 words to support the view that the writer’s writing style is descriptive and humourous.
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Answer : Descriptive “In the center of the room was a large console covered in buttons and switches, and in the middle of the console was a small, white mouse.” Humorous “Oh, not again,” groaned Ford. Note- Accept any other appropriate example identified from the text.

  • Iv Complete the sentence appropriately with a characteristic or its description.
  • Based on the information given in the excerpt, one can infer that the mice who built the Earth are _.
  • Answer : ▪ highly intelligent / technologically advanced ▪ indifferent to the suffering of other beings v Select the option that is similar in meaning to Ford’s expression, “Pretty neat, huh?”.A.

Easy, isn’t it? B. Could be worse, no? C. Impressive, yes? D. Too difficult for you? Answer : C vi Explain, in about 40 words, why the name “The Paranoid Android” is considered ironic. Answer : The name “The Paranoid Android” is ironic because- ▪ it is unexpected for a robot to exhibit human-like emotions such as paranoia.

  • Robots are often thought of as logical and unemotional, whereas thename “paranoid” implies irrational fear and anxiety.
  • It plays with readers’ expectations and stereotypes of robots.
  • Vii In the line, “a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts”, what comparison does the word “cobbled” refer to? Answer : The comparison is with cobblers, who take scraps of leather and stitch them together to create a shoe, in the same way in which the body of Marvin was put together or ‘cobbled’, using spare parts.

viii How does the following, impact the reader, even though they know Marvin is just an android? “I’ve been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years,” said Marvin. Answer in about 40 words. Answer : The statement by Marvin, despite being an android, humanizes the characterby evoking a sense of loneliness and isolation that is relatable to the reader.It also emphasizes the theme of the alienation and lack of communicationbetween beings in the vastness of space.

  • This creates a sense of sympathy towards Marvin and also raises questions about the meaning and value of existence, regardless of whether one is organic or synthetic.

Only (a) B. (b) (c) and (d) C. Only (e) D. (a) and (e) Answer : D 2. Read the following text. (1) In recent years, there has been a surge in both group and solo travel among young adults in India. A survey conducted among young adults aged 18-25 aimed to explore the reasons behind their travel preferences and recorded the percentage variation for 10 common points that influence travel choices.

  • 2) Among those who prefer solo travel, the most common reason cited was the desire for independence and freedom (58%), followed closely by the opportunity for introspection and self-discovery (52%).
  • Additionally, solo travellers appreciated the ability to customize their itinerary to their preferences (44%) and the chance to meet new people on their own terms (36%).

(3) On the other hand, those who prefer group travel often cited the desire for socializing and making new friends (61%) as their primary reason. Group travel also provided a sense of security and safety in unfamiliar places (52%) and allowed for shared experiences and memories with others (48%).

  1. Additionally, group travellers enjoyed the convenience of having pre-planned itineraries and organized transportation (38%).
  2. 4) Interestingly, both groups had similar levels of interest in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences (40% for solo travellers, 36% for group travellers).
  3. Similarly, both groups valued the opportunity to relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life (36% for solo travellers, 32% for group travellers).
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(5) However, there were also some notable differences between the two groups. For example, solo travellers placed a higher priority on budget-friendly travel options (38%) compared to group travellers (24%). Conversely, group travellers were more likely to prioritize luxury and comfort during their travels (28%) compared to solo travellers (12%).

  • 6) Overall, the survey results suggest that both group and solo travel have their own unique advantages and appeal to different individuals, based on their preferences and priorities.
  • Created for academic usage / 290 words Answer the following questions, based on given passage.
  • I Infer two possible ways that the survey, mentioned in paragraph (1) could be beneficial.

Answer in about 40 words. Answer : Some possible ways: (Any 2/ relevant) ▪ Help travel companies to tailor their services to meet the preferences and expectations of young adult travellers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. ▪ Provide insights for the development of new travel packages and itineraries that cater to the specific needs and interests of young adult travellers.

  • Enable the tourism industry to better understand the changing preferences and behaviours of young adult travellers, which can inform future marketing and promotional strategies.
  • Can help policymakers and tourism boards to identify key trends and areas of growth in the tourism sector, and plan accordingly.

▪ Allow researchers to gain a better understanding of the motivations and travel behaviours of young adults, which can inform academic studies and literature in the field. ▪ Can provide a benchmark for comparison with similar studies conducted in different regions or countries, helping to identify cross-cultural differences in travel preferences.

Help young adults themselves to gain a better understanding of their own travel preferences and motivations, and make more informed travel decisions in the future. ▪ Can highlight the importance of certain factors in the decision-making process for young adult travellers, such as budget, safety, and cultural exploration, which can inform discussions and debates around the future of the tourism industry ii Which travel choice point of the survey would influence tour operators to incorporate group dinners, social events, and shared accommodations in their itinerary? A.

Freedom to customise itinerary B. Luxury and comfort C. Security and safety D. Desire for making new friends Answer : D iii What do the top choices in the survey, for traveling solo and in a group suggest about young adults? Answer : The top choices in the survey, for traveling solo and in a group suggest that young adult travellers value independence and freedom when traveling alone and when traveling in a group, they value socializing and making new friends.

  1. Iv Identify the solo traveller from the following three travellers: (a) Reshma- I don’t want to keep hunting for rickshaws or taxis.
  2. A pre-booked vehicle is perfect.
  3. B) Nawaz-I’m happy sharing a room in a hostel.
  4. I don’t need hotel accommodation.
  5. C) Deepak-I’m not worried about my well-being, even while exploring remote areas.

Answer : B v Which of the following is an example of an opportunity for self-discovery, as mentioned in paragraph 2? A. Trying new cuisine B. Hiring a tour guide C. Purchasing local artifacts D. Advance booking travel tickets Answer : A vi How might the differences in budget priorities between solo and group travellers impact the types of accommodations and activities offered by the travel industry in India? Answer : ▪ To cater to budget-conscious solo travellers, the industry may need to provide more affordable accommodation options such as hostels and budget hotels.

  1. For group travellers, the industry may need to focus on offering more luxury accommodations and experiences that cater to their desire for comfort and convenience.
  2. Vii Complete the sentence appropriately.
  3. The similarities in the percentage of both solo and group travellers who are interested in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences may be due to _.
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Answer : (Any one) ▪ a shared desire for adventure ▪ a willingness to step outside of their comfort zones. ▪ the fact that that young adults in India are becoming more interested in cultural exchange and global understanding (Any other relevant) viii State TRUE or FALSE.

Which paper quality is best for books?

Choosing Your Paper Weight – For the purposes of book printing, uncoated paper is typically offered in weights between 50lb and 80lb. For reference, 50lb uncoated paper can be compared to the weight of standard 20lb bond copy paper used at home. Deciding the best paper weight for your book depends on a number of factors:

50lb Uncoated: At the lowest weight, 50lb uncoated paper is the best option for conserving spine width and thickness. This weight is commonly used in textbooks, manuals or books with ~600+ pages. 60lb Uncoated: This weight is the most popular paper stock choice and often considered the “sweet spot” for most books.60lb paper is strong enough to protect your book and flexible enough to be held comfortably for long periods at a time. 70lb Uncoated: Being slightly more opaque than traditional stock, 70lb paper helps prevent your book’s content from being seen through your pages. This is especially useful for books with a lot of color images. 80lb Uncoated: Typically the thickest option available, this sturdy weight paper should be considered for image-heavy books with low page counts, such as photography and art books. However, books using this weight will be slightly stiffer and more difficult to hold open.

Coated paper is usually offered in 80lb or 100lb options. As with uncoated paper, the best choice is determined by the intended purpose of the book. Lower weights offer higher flexibility and reduced thickness. Higher weights increase both your pages’ opacity and durability.

Are specimen papers useful?

Yeah a specimen paper is literally a practice paper made by the exam board. Definitely do them in exam conditions for the practice.

Which book is best for class 12 physics sample paper?

Best Book for Physics Class 12th – Physics can be a challenging subject for many students, and having the right book can make a significant difference in their preparation. One of the best books for Physics Class 12th is “Concepts of Physics” by H.C. Verma.

Which book is best sample paper or question bank?

Question Bank Vs. Sample paper – Having a sample paper can give you an idea of what the board test paper will look like. On the other hand, A question bank contains a multitude of potential questions that may appear on the boards but not in a test format.

On the other hand, Sample Question banks are the most helpful practice exercises for all students. After completing the comprehensive Question banks, you can use SQP to enhance your examination writing skills. Thus, each of them is an excellent option in its own right. Students should take into consideration their preferences and needs.

It is worth noting that both are noteworthy in their rights. The question banks are detailed, with previous years’ papers and solutions written by toppers themselves. On the other hand, sample question banks include five solved papers and five self-assessment papers that cover essential concepts from an examination standpoint.

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