Hockey World Cup 2023 Tickets Price

How to book Hockey World Cup 2023 tickets?

Ticket Prices for Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 – Tickets for India Matches Rs 500 for the West Stands Rs 400 for the East Stands Rs 200 for the North and South Stands Tickets for non-India matches Rs 500 for the West Stands Rs 200 for the East Stands Rs 100 for the North and South Stands Telecast and Live Streaming details of the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 Matches of the FIH Hockey World Cup will be telecast on the Star Sports network.

What is the prize money for men’s hockey World Cup 2023?

Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023: How much prize money will winner, runners-up take home? The 2023 edition of Men’s Hockey World Cup will take place in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela from January 13 to 29. Photo : ANI KEY HIGHLIGHTS

The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup will take place in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela.The tournament will start on January 13 and end on January 29.India will hope to end the 48-year wait for a podium finish in the World Cup.

The 15th edition of the FIH Men’s Hockey will take place in and in 2023. The tournament will start on January 13 and run until January 29. It will be the second straight men’s hockey World Cup to take place in, The 14th edition of the tournament was played in Bhubaneswar from November 28 to December 16, in which Belgium won the title for the first time.

The Indian team, which ended the 41-year wait for an Olympic medal in Tokyo in 2021, will hope to end the 48-year wait for a podium finish in the World Cup. The last time India finished on the podium was way back in 1975, when it won its first and only men’s hockey World Cup title. In the 2023 edition, India is clubbed with Spain, England, and Wales in Pool D and will play its opening match on Friday (January 13) against Spain at the Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium in Rourkela.

India, the world’s sixth-ranked team, will face England in their second match on January 15 at the Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium in Rourkela again and will wrap up the group stage campaign on January 19 against Wales at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar.

Related News Defending champions Belgium, along with three-time champions the Netherlands and Australia, will be favourites in the 2023 edition. India’s archrival, Pakistan, which is the most successful team in Men’s Hockey World Cup history, has failed to qualify for the megaevent this year. They have fallen to 17th place in the FIH Rankings.

A total of 16 teams will take part in the Men’s Hockey World Cup this year, and each of them is set to pocket a massive amount as prize money. Hockey India (HI) has announced lucrative prize money for the Indian Team. For winning a gold medal, each player will get Rs 25 lakh while the support staff will receive Rs 5 lakh each.

  • A silver medal would see the players take home Rs 15 lakh each and the support staff would be awarded Rs 3 lakh each.
  • A bronze medal, meanwhile, has a prize money of Rs 10 lakh each for the players, and Rs 2 lakh each for the support staff.
  • In addition to that, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced on January 5 that each player of the Indian hockey team will get Rs 1 crore if they win the world cup.

: Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023: How much prize money will winner, runners-up take home?

Where is the World Cup Hockey Men’s 2023 proposed to be held?

The correct answer is India. India will host the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup from 13th to 29th of January 2023. India will now host this tournament for the fourth time in history. The world cup is conducted once every four years.

How much are World Cup seat tickets?

World Cup tickets prices for Qatar 2022 – The structure of ticket prices for Qatar 2022 has generated a mixed reaction from fans, with a significant gap between the price range of the four different categories. Supporters have been encouraged to purchase their tickets well in advance of the tournament starting, with full pricing details set out below:

Match Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Access
Opening match (Qatar v Ecuador) $618/£533/€616 $440/£379/€438 $302/£261/€301 $55/£47/€55 $55/£47/€55
Group matches $220/£190/€219 $165/£142/€164 $69/£59/€68 $11/£9.5/€11 $11/£9.5/€11
Round of 16 matches $275/£236/€273 $206/£175/€205 $96/£82/€96 $19/£16/€19 $19/£16/€19
Quarterfinals matches $426/£363/€424 $288/£246/€287 $206/£176/€205 $82/£70/€82 $82/£70/€82
Semifinals matches $956/£816/€953 $659/£563/€657 $357/£305/€356 $137/£117/€137 $137/£117/€137
Third-place match $426/£363/€424 $302/£258/€301 $206/£176/€205 $82/£70/€82 $82/£70/€82
Final $1,607/£1,372/€1,602 $1003/£856/€999 $604/£516/€602 $206/£176/€205 $206/£176/€205

Can I purchase World Cup tickets?

Does U.S. Soccer provide any VIP packages for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar ™ Matches? – Yes – though we recognize it may not be for everyone. The U.S. Soccer Patrons Program to Qatar is the Federation’s most exclusive travel program, including accommodations, MATCH tickets, behind-the-scenes access, ground transportation, U.S.

What is the price of Qatar World Cup tickets in India?

FIFA has already sold around 8 lakh tickets in the first round of ticket sales, while the 2nd round ended on April 29. FIFA will be holding a final round of ticket sales later in the year, find out all details here. – The 2022 edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 21 until December 18.

The first match of this year’s World Cup will be played between England and Iran at the Khalifa International Stadium on November 21. Eight stadiums — Lusail Iconic Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium — will host the 32 nations that are set to participate in the quadrennial tournament.

Tickets for the matches of the FIFA World Cup 2022 are available on the official FIFA website, To avail tickets, fans first need to register on the FIFA World Cup ticked portal, To be eligible to buy tickets for the mega event, a person’s ticket application would need to be picked in a draw, which according to FIFA is “random”.

  • FIFA has already sold around 8 lakh tickets in the first round of sales, which ended on March 29.
  • The second round of ticket sales took place on April 29.
  • FIFA will be holding a third and final round of ticket sales later this year, which will be closer to the event.
  • The date of the third round of ticket sales is yet to be confirmed.

Here are the prices of individual match tickets as mentioned on the FIFA website. FIFA World Cup 2022 Tickets (Image: The ticket prices in Indian rupees are approximately* as follows: For the opening game tickets are priced at Rs 48,286, Rs 34,335, Rs 23,605 and Rs 4,291. For group matches tickets are priced at Rs 17,162, Rs 12,871, Rs 5,363 and Rs 858.

For round of 16 matches tickets are priced at Rs 21,461, Rs 16,092, Rs 7,509 and Rs 1,502. Ticket prices for quarterfinals range between Rs 24,676, Rs 22,537, Rs 16,098 and Rs 6,439. Semifinals tickets are priced at Rs 74,679, Rs 51,503, Rs 27,897 and Rs 10,729. Tickets for the final are priced at Rs 1,25,538, Rs 78,327, Rs 47,211 and Rs 16,094.

Note: Tickets prices are subject to change as these have been converted at the current prices which is 1 QR = Rs 21.49 as of June 13, 2022. FIFA has divided individual match tickets into four categories and a special category called “Accessibility Tickets”.

  • The Accessibility Tickets are especially dedicated to being allocated for purchase by disabled people and people with limited mobility.
  • Tickets from category 1 to category 3 are available for people across the world via online sales of the tickets.
  • The category 4 tickets are reserved exclusively for the residents of Qatar.

FIFA defines an individual as a resident of Qatar as follows: “A resident of Qatar refers to any individual legally residing on a permanent or temporary basis in Qatar, including Qatari nationals and nationals of other countries. This may include, for example, individuals who permanently live in Qatar or individuals who are legally authorised to work in Qatar.” Can the tickets be re-sold? If an individual holding a FIFA World Cup match ticket cannot attend the game, then they can put the ticket/tickets up for resale on the official FIFA Resale Platform, subject to the applicable conditions.

The FIFA Resale Platform and the respective Resale Policy will be made available at in due course of time. Physical or online, offer for sale, sell, offer at auctions, give away or otherwise transfer or attempt to transfer, or engage a third party to facilitate or solicit offers for the transfer of their tickets under any circumstances, including any use or attempted use of tickets for advertising, promotions, incentive programmes, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways or raffles or as part of a hotel, flight, hospitality or travel packages, or other commercial purposes is not permitted except when authorised in writing by FIFA.

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How much money does the winner of one day World Cup 2023 get?

Prize money – As things stand, the winners of the 2023 World Cup stand to take home $4 million as prize money. The runners-up are set to earn $2 million while the losing semi-finalists are expected to receive $800,000 each.

What is the prize money of ICC World Cup?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed today that the team that earns glory at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 on 13 November in Melbourne, will take home a cheque of $1.6 million. The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed today that the team that earns glory at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 on 13 November in Melbourne, will take home a cheque of $1.6 million.

The total prize pot of $5.6m will see the runners-up assured of $800,000 and the losing semi-finalists will receive $400,000 each at the end of the 45-match tournament being played across seven venues in Australia from 16 October. Following the same structure as the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021, the eight teams that exit at the Super 12 stage will receive $70,000 each, with a victory in each of the 30 games in that phase worth $40,000.

Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa are confirmed to start their tournament at the Super 12 stage. The same structure is in place for the first-round victories – with $40,000 available to those who win each of the 12 games, amounting to $480,000.

Stage Unit Per Team Total
Winners 1 $ 1,600,000 $ 1,600,000
Runners-Up 1 $ 800,000 $ 800,000
Losing Semi-finalists 2 $ 400,000 $ 800,000
Super 12 Wins 30 $ 40,000 $ 1,200,000
Super 12 Exit 8 $ 70,000 $ 560,000
First Round Win 12 $ 40,000 $ 480,000
First Round Exit 4 $ 40,000 $ 160,000
Total $ 5,600,000

All amounts are in US Dollars.

Where is the largest hockey stadium in the world?

Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, Odisha – Capacity : 20,846 Located in the steel city of Rourkela, Odisha, the Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium is one of the largest hockey stadiums in India and can house 20,846 spectators. What’s unique about the stadium is that all seats are bucketed, which makes the Bisra Munda Hockey Stadium the largest seated hockey stadium in the world.

The stadium was especially built for the 2023 men’s hockey World Cup, becoming the second venue for the quadrennial showpiece along with Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, which can seat around 15,000 fans. The Birsa Munda Stadium is built over 50 acres of land in the Biju Patnaik University of Technology campus.

It houses a swimming pool, a fitness center and a practice pitch, among others. The venue was inaugurated in January 2023. Other stadiums like Riverbank Arena (15,000) in the United Kingdom and Olympic Green Hockey Field (17,000) in China were also among the world’s largest hockey stadiums. Hockey IND

How much is a VIP seat in the World Cup?

Controversy surrounding Qatar World Cup – Qatar, a tiny Gulf country, was awarded the hosting rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup eleven years ago. Since then, the Arab country has spent millions, if not billions, of dollars to construct world-class sporting facilities, enlisting the help of specialists and labourers from all over the globe.

How to buy Qatar World Cup tickets?

HAYYA CARD – Hayya card is a fan ID or identification card for those attending the FIFA World Cup 2022. Local fans need the Hayya card for entry into the stadium. Similarly, international fans also need to show the card at the port of entry. Hayya card will allow multiple entries for match-going fans.

  • Furthermore, the holders will be entitled to free transport.
  • The card, operated by the Qatar government, will be available in physical and digital formats.
  • You can apply for Hayya cards via the official Qatar 2022 website.
  • It can take up to 5-days to register.
  • The card will also incorporate Ehteraz, Qatar’s official COVID-19 contact tracing application.

The Qatar government has scrapped the COVID-19 entry requirement so you will only need to show your status on the app when entering a healthcare facility in the country. Another privilege international fans who hold the Hayya card enjoy is that they can invite up to three fans who haven’t bought the tickets for the matches.

As per the latest announcement made by the government, the ‘Hayya with Me (1+3)’ feature means that any approved Hayya Cardholder aged 18 or above who had applied using a World Cup ticket number can invite three fans who don’t hold tickets. There is no age restriction for the three non-ticketed fans.

For each applicant aged 12 or above, a non-refundable fee of QAR 500 (AED 504 approx) has to be paid. The fee has been waived for children under 12. They must have a valid passport and confirmed accommodation. As mentioned earlier, this scheme is just for international travellers, and Qatari ID holders cannot apply.

Go to ‘My Hayya’ and click ‘Action’Click on ‘Hayya with Me’Three voucher codes will appearPass on the codes to the non-ticketed applicants

All Hayya with Me (1+3) applicant(s) must follow these steps.

Apply for Hayya CardGo to ‘Applicant Category’ and select ‘Hayya with Me Voucher’Submit voucher codeClick on ‘Validate my Voucher’Accept terms and submit

When travelling to Qatar for the World Cup, airlines will check your Hayya card. So make sure you have registered on the App before travelling. For queries regarding the Hayya card, Qatar-based fans can call 800-8052, while international fans can call +974-4-475-2021.

Are World Cup tickets cheaper for residents?

There Is A Difference For Locals And Tourists For Qatar 2022 World Cup Ticket Prices Share: JAKARTA – The Qatar World Cup will only be held at the end of 2022, but access to ticket purchases has been opened since January 19 yesterday. Football lovers can already hunt for tickets in advance.

  • However, football lovers must also be careful in hunting for tickets.
  • The reason is that the ticket prices for the Qatar World Cup are differentiated for local residents and the international community who want to watch live football events in the Middle Eastern country.
  • Local residents will benefit because tickets are sold at a cheaper price than ticket prices for foreigners or tourists.

For example, for tickets for the category four preliminary round matches, local residents can get tickets at a price of 11 US dollars or around IDR 987 thousand. Quoted from Marca, when compared to the exchange rate in previous years, the ticket price will be the cheapest since the 1986 World Cup.

At the World Cup title in Mexico, tickets are priced at 3 US dollars. Meanwhile, for the same ticket at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it reached 22 US dollars. Still from the same source, the low ticket price tag for local people is allegedly to provide access for the low-paid migrant worker population.

Meanwhile, for foreigners or tourists, there is a decrease and increase in prices. The cheapest tickets sold in general for foreigners are for the three group stage matches, which reach 69 US dollars or equivalent to IDR 992 thousand. However, the price tag is also the lowest price since the 2006 World Cup.

  • Meanwhile, for the price of category two timets, the price remains unchanged from the previous World Cup price, namely, 165 US dollars or around IDR 2 million.
  • The increase actually occurred for tickets for the qualifying match category which are now selling for USD 220 or at IDR 3 million.
  • There was also a decrease in ticket prices for category three round of 16, but there was an increase in ticket prices in categories one and two.

Another thing with tickets for the top party. Ticket prices to watch the Qatar World Cup final have even increased by 46 percent compared to the top match four years ago which brought together France and Argentina. Tickets for the final match in Qatar are sold at a price of 1.607 US dollars, equivalent to IDR 23 million.

Is it hard to get World Cup tickets?

How do you apply for World Cup tickets? – The best way to apply for tickets for the FIFA World Cup is to do so through the official FIFA ticketing website, The initial window for sales has closed, but a new window will be open until August 16, 2022, for further applications.

  • Qatar has been nominated as t he host of the 2022 tournament, and you will need to act quickly to get your hands on tickets for this year’s event.
  • Tickets for the World Cup are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, and the application process is competitive, particularly for matches later on in the tournament.

Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to create an account with FIFA right away. You can then look for tickets that are currently available on the site.

Where is 2026 World Cup final?

UPDATE MARCH 14, 2023 : 12 GROUPS OF FOUR – UPDATE: FIFA has announced on Tuesday 14 March 2023 that the 2026 FIFA World Cup will start with twelve groups of four. The opening match is on Sunday, May 31, 2026, The final of the World Cup is on Sunday, July 19, 2026,

  • The knockout phase starts with the sixteenth finals,
  • This means that a total of 104 matches are scheduled for the World Cup in North America.
  • The tournament in the three host countries, United States, Mexico and Canada, lasts 40 game days,
  • From the group stage, the numbers one, numbers two and the eight best numbers three advance to the next round, the sixteenth finals.

FIFA announced this schedule change at the FIFA Council, Tuesday, March 14, 2023, in Kigali, Rwanda. During that meeting, the international match calendars were approved. The original plan for sixteen groups of three countries for the World Cup in North America has therefore been cancelled.

The World Cup has 48 countries for the first time. During the previous World Cup, in 2022, there were 32 teams. They were then equally divided into eight groups. The World Cup in Qatar lasted 29 days, eleven days less than the 40 match days during the upcoming event in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Further on this page and website you will find the original information. However, as mentioned, the plans for the format have now been changed from sixteen groups of three into to twelve groups of four.

How to buy hockey tickets for World Cup?

The Men’s Hockey World Cup, 2023 started with a spectacular opening ceremony at the picturesque Barabati Stadium in Cuttack on Wednesday. The first match of the quadrennial event will start on January 13 and the final of the tournament will be played on January 29.

How to buy tickets for 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup? The World Cup is likely to attract big crowd. The matches will be held at two venues – Birsa Mundra International Hockey Stadium in Rourkela and Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. While 20 matches will be played at Rourkela, 24 matches, including the final, will be held in Bhubaneswar.

The Hockey World Cup tickets are available online on Paytm Insider. While the tickets will be booked online, people will have to get their tickets confirmed with a physical copy at a box office at the stadiums. Hockey fans can book ticket online by registering with the help of mobile number, Email Address, and Photo ID.

Tickets are available for Rs 200, Rs 400 and Rs 500

Ticket price for non-India matches

For non-Indian matches tickets are priced at Rs 100, Rs 200 & Rs 500

India has hosted Hockey World Cups on three earlier occasion in 1982, 2010 and 2018. Odisha is hosting the international event for the second consecutive time, the previous one was held in Bhubaneswar in 2018. India will be looking to put on a show for their home crowd on the back of two impressive years.

In 2021, they won a historic Olympic bronze medal while securing silver in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. The 8-time Olympic champions have won the World Cup only once. India’s only title came in 1975 when it beat Pakistan 2-1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Indian team is placed in Group D alongside England, Spain, and Wales.

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When can you start buying tickets for the next World Cup?

In this series, Lonely Planet’s team of writers and editors answers your travel problems and provides tips and hacks to help you plan a hassle-free trip. Here, US writer John Garry shares intel on getting tickets to the next World Cup, set to take place in his home country.

  • Question: After watching the World Cup over the past four weeks, I really want to go to a tournament.
  • How do I go about getting tickets to the World Cup in 2026? John Garry : It’s easy to understand why anyone watching the World Cup in Qatar would catch a case of footy fever: the non-stop, unscripted drama of serious soccer playing is more nail-biting than anything you’ll find on Netflix.

The coronation of Lionel Messi as this year’s World Cup king was the stuff of legends. The surprise success of Morocco will be remembered for decades to come. But if you want to get tickets to FIFA’s 2026 World Cup, you’ll have to wait. “Information regarding ticketing for the FIFA World Cup 2026 will be available in due course,” says FIFA’s website. The historic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena California, where the World Cup final was held in 1994, could be hosting matches in 2026 ©Shutterstock

How to book a ticket for Qatar World Cup?

The online Last-Minute Sales Phase on starts at 11:00 CEST / 12:00 (midday) Doha time on 27 September 2022 and runs until the end of the competition on 18 December 2022.

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