Icse Syllabus For Class 10 2023

What are the ISC regulations 2023?

ISC Rules and Regulations All of the following rules and regulations are understood and accepted as part of the contract between Prometeus GmbH – Organizer of the ISC High Performance Conference – and the exhibitor for the licensing of booth space at ISC 2023.

The ISC 2023 organizers shall have the authority to interpret and enforce these rules. The exhibitor is responsible to become fully familiar with these exhibition rules and regulations and to see that all company representatives attending the exhibition are also familiar with them. These rules are meant to ensure each exhibitor an equal opportunity to present their product or service in the most effective manner, and to provide a reasonable level of safety to exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition hall.

The exhibitor’s responsibility can be summed up as “Be A Good Neighbor.” Exhibitors are responsible for their service providers and will be held accountable if their service providers violate these rules and regulations. Please also see the !

Alcoholic beverages/Food distribution
Amendment to rules These rules and regulations are to be construed as part of all space contracts. Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the Rules and Regulations, or the, shall be subject solely to the decision of the ISC organizers. The ISC 2023 organizers reserve the right to change or add to the rules and regulations if such addition or changes are reasonably required for the appropriate conduct of the exhibition.
Attendance The ISC 2023 organizer has sole control over admission policies at all times.
Booth design The ISC 2023 organizers reserve the right to determine the placement and design of the exhibitor’s booth. If the ISC 2023 organizers feel that the design is not appropriate, the ISC 2023 organizers are allowed to refuse the placement of the stand and/or request that the design be modified. The ISC 2023 organizers are not responsible for any additional cost that may be incurred. All booth designs must be complete by exhibition opening. If the exhibitor cannot meet this deadline, the exhibitor could lose their rights to the rented booth space and the ISC 2023 organizers will use the space as desired. Edges bordering on aisles shall be designed as transparent as practicable. The target should be a frontage that is 70% open. Lengthy, enclosed stand structures bordering on aisles are not permitted and must be interrupted by display cases, niches, displays or the like.
Booth height limitation The maximum booth height for exhibitors is 3 meters. Sponsors may build up to 6 meters high. The maximum height of the booth platform is 0,2 meters. For more information please refer to the or contact Ms. Kristin Kremer at, Please note that some extraordinary booth designs may require further processing and this could result in additional fees. Please click for more information or send an email to
Booth platform limitations Raised floors or platforms accessible to visitors may be max.6cm high or have to be made accessible via a ramp. The ramp must be located within the borders of the stand area and must be designed in conformity with DIN 18024 or DIN 18040-1 (max.6% incline, min.1.5m wide).
Booth rental and equipment Exhibition/sponsorship packages does not include furniture rental or rental of any other booth equipment or structure. For more information about the exhibitor and sponsor packages please click, Additional electricity and power supply is not included and will be charged separately. Information on all exhibitor services can be found, Hours and dates for installation are specified in the and the, Exhibitors are liable for all storage and handling charges resulting from failure to remove exhibit material from the exhibition.
Build-up Please refer to the or the to determine your build-up slot and forward it to all parties involved in your booth build-up/set-up and dismantle. Everyone attempting to enter the event venue before the assigned time slot will be denied access.
Cancellation policy Cancellation of exhibit space must be directed in writing to the ISC 2023 organizers. In the event of a cancellation, the exhibitor will pay a cancellation fee in accordance with page 4 of the
Care of exhibit space Exhibitors shall care for and keep in good order all space occupied by them. Special cleaning of booth, display, equipment and material will be the exhibitor’s responsibility and shall be performed at the exhibitor’s expense.
Carpet is mandatory for every booth and must be purchased by the exhibitor.
Code of Conduct ISC High Performance is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Please respect our,
Damage to property Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused to the building, floors, walls, or columns, or to standard booth equipment, and/or to other exhibitors’ property. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive and/or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment.
Delegate registration Exhibitors are required to register all delegates. Admittance to the exhibition hall and all conference functions is by badge only. This rule will be strictly enforced. Badges are non-transferable. Please refer to for further information.
Distribution of materials Exhibitors are allowed to distribute promotional material within their rented booth space. Any marketing activities, signs and/or banners must remain within the perimeter of their booth. Passing out promotional material or literature in the aisles or public areas is prohibited, unless Walking Promotional Activities have been purchased as an,
Early removal of exhibits No exhibitor is allowed to pack, remove and/or dismantle prior to the closing of the exhibition without written permission from the ISC organizers.
Exhibit space assignment Exhibition spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibition spaces will not be reserved without a signed contract.
Exhibit space contract The receipt of a complete and signed contract form, accompanied by payment of the full amount required for space rental, will constitute a duly executed contract for the right to use the allocated space.
Exhibit staffing Exhibits must be staffed at all times during exhibition hours. Exhibitors are responsible for the acts of their employees and/or representatives.
Failure to vacate If the exhibitor should fail to remove all their property or otherwise fail to vacate the exhibition premises by the end of the dismantle period as indicated in the, due to any cause whatsoever, the exhibitor shall be fully responsible for any penalties imposed by the owners of the premises, or any other losses and costs incurred by the organizers as a result of the exhibitor failing to vacate the premises by the agreed time and without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the organizers. The organizers may remove any property of the exhibitor left at the exhibition hall by the exhibitor after the said time and the costs of such removal shall be paid by the exhibitor to the organizers on demand.
Flammable items Flammable items of any kind are not allowed at any time in the facility.
Floor load The floor load in the exhibition hall is 1,500 kg/m². Exhibitors are held liable for any damage caused by exceeding the floor load.
Insurance and limitation of liability The exhibitor is responsible and liable for any damage caused by the exhibitor to the facility housing the exhibit, and for loss or damage to exhibitor’s displays, equipment, materials and other personal property brought on the premises of the local convention center. The goods and properties of each exhibitor remain at all times in their sole possession and custody.
Music It is not allowed to play any music protected by the music authors rights society ( ). If any sound is too loud or offensive, you may be asked to turn it down or off.
Noise and odors Noisy, obstructive and odor releasing work is not allowed during opening hours of the exhibition.
Payment policy The participation fee plus VAT for any service contracted in the order form is due and payable in EURO (free of any deductions) within 14 days after the date of invoice (as per section 4 of our ). Fees and other costs associated with the transfer of funds to Prometeus are the customer’s responsibility. All prices quoted are subject to statutory VAT in Germany.
Photo and video guidelines Photography and videography in the exhibition hall are restricted. Unauthorized recording of technical sessions is not permitted. For more details, read our,
Privacy policy (Attendee List) The contact data contained in the ISC 2023 attendee list is proprietary, and may not be sold. This information is provided to sponsors/exhibitors as part of their exhibitor or sponsor agreement and is only for use in email campaigns to promote the exhibitor’s/sponsor’s participation in ISC 2023. The exhibitor/sponsor agrees that they will not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, sell, loan, or retain any portion of the attendee email list in any form whatsoever.
Relocation The ISC 2023 organizers reserve the right to relocate the exhibitor’s space, due to modifications of the exhibit facility, fire restrictions, or any other reason in the best interest of the overall exhibition.
Safety & fire regulations Please refer to the,
Separation walls Separation walls to neighboring booths are mandatory. The requirement are hard walls with a minimum height of 2.5m. Above 2.5m, the rear sides of the separation walls must be kept smooth and white in color, so as not to impair the design of the neighboring stand. If separation walls are not included in your booth design, please from cubicworx. Separation walls are not required for island booths with four open sides.
Smoking ISC High Performance is a NO SMOKING conference and exhibition. Smoking is ONLY permitted outdoors! This includes build-up and dismantle periods.
Sound equipment Sound systems are allowed, as long as the sound does not disturb any neighboring exhibitors. The ISC 2023 organizers will decide if and when any sound system will need to be dismantled.
Waste disposal It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to order appropriate waste collection services for booth system materials and/or advertising materials through the Hamburg Messe ” “. The organizer will bill costs incurred by improper or incomplete waste collection to the responsible exhibitors after the event. Fore more information,,
WiFi policy In order to provide the most robust wireless internet service possible, the ISC organizers have developed a, This policy is binding for all event participants.
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ISC Rules and Regulations

What are the subjects for Class 10 ICSE board?

Marking Scheme of ICSE Class 10

Subject of Exam Percentage External Examination Marks Internal Assessment
History, Civics and Geography 80% 20%
GROUP II: (Any two/three of the following subjects)
Mathematics 80% 20%
Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 80% 20%

What is best of 4 rule in ISC?

Hello Aspirant, It is the best out of four for ISC Board learners. Scores are computed as (English subject score + scores in 3 best subjects) divided by 4. ENGLISH exists as a compulsory subject and any other 3 subjects where you have achieved impressive scores. The whole is evaluated out of 400 and done on average to get your percentage. I hope it helps. Thank you.

What is ISC East?

Optex America “The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC East – is the Northeast’s leading security & public safety event, hosted in collaboration with premier sponsor Security Industry Association (SIA) and in partnership with ASIS NYC.

Each year, in order to keep our communities safe and secure, security dealers, installers, integrators, and consultants, along with corporate, government and law enforcement/first responder practitioners, convene in New York City to network, learn and evaluate the latest technologies and solutions from premier exhibiting brands.

The combination of one-on-one conversations with top innovators, high-quality special events, and cutting-edge education and training, make ISC East the most comprehensive East Coast event to guide the industry in getting back to business.” : Optex America

What is ISC West?

ISC West is the leading comprehensive and converged security trade event in the U.S. https://www.iscwest.com.

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What is the best percentage in class 10 ICSE?

ICSE Grading System – The ICSE grading system and pattern are designed to assess students’ academic ability and their performance in the ICSE examinations. The grading system is based on a percentage range from 0 to 100%. The grading system is divided into four categories: ICSE Distinction Percentage is 90-100%, followed by First Division (75-89%), Second Division (60-74%), and Pass (50-59%).

The distinction percentage in ICSE is the most important step in achieving the highest grades. The first division marks in ICSE class 10 are above 90. To obtain a distinction, a student must score more than 90% in their ICSE examination. The distinction percentage is awarded to students who have scored more than 90% in their ICSE examination.

It is important to note that a student must secure more than 90% in each subject to obtain a distinction. The first division marks in ICSE class 10 are awarded to students who have scored between 75-89%. Students who have scored in this range are considered to have performed above average.

What is the best of five rule for ICSE 2023?

The ICSE results 2023 is available for download on the careers portal of the Council, the official website of CISCE and via SMS. Read further to know how to calculate ICSE, ISC 10,12 percentage. The detailed formula for ICSE Marks Calculation is explained below:

The marks of English are the average of English Language and English Literature. The marks of Science are the average of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The marks of Social Science are the average of History and Geography. Apart from this, there is Math, an optional subject and second language. Out of the six subjects, the best five subjects are selected. The subject with the least marks is not taken into consideration for calculating the percentage. The marks of the remaining five subjects are added and divided by 5 and multiplied by 100 to get the percentage.

Which education board is best in world?

Choosing the right education board for your child Every parent wants the best for their child and providing one’s child with the best education tops the list. There are many factors, parents consider when it comes to choosing a school for their child and one of the main factors is the board to which the school is affiliated.

Choosing the education board that is right for the child can help nurture them at a young age and play a pivotal role in their career and personality development. Evolution of Boards It is important to understand that education is for nation building. Hence, every nation designs its education system (and relevant boards) accordingly.

For example, post India’s independence, there was strong need and demand for physical infrastructure, space, roads, steel plants, mines, bridges, dams, etc. So engineering and technology education was the focus. IITs and NITs were created. CBSE was introduced with focus on STEM education to prepare students for the nation’s future.

Choosing the right education board When it comes to making the right choice, knowledge and information is essential. In order to choose the board that is relevant for a child, we must first understand what each board offers and how well their curriculum and teaching methodology align with the life and career goals of the child.

Here’s an overview of the different boards that are followed by Schools in India and the focus areas of their curriculum.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

CBSE is one the most common national level boards in India today and it follows the NCERT. It is adopted in many private and public schools – more than 24000 schools are affiliated to CBSE in India. When it was founded in Ajmer, it’s primary aim was to enable students smoothly transition between various states.

It has grown thick and fast through the years. One of the main advantages of CBSE is that many important exams for higher studies in India are connected to the CBSE syllabus. The emphasis is on core subjects like science, maths, social studies and languages. The curriculum has a strong theoretical approach and the whole idea behind this is to help students gain sound knowledge in these different concepts on core subjects in order to help them attempt professional courses and entrance exams in the streams of science and maths.

It is a very good curriculum for students keen on taking up STEM related careers. If the goal is to pursue professional degrees such as medicine or engineering, the CBSE curriculum is a good choice.

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)

The ICSE curriculum focuses on the basics and foundations of concepts. It aims to create successful learners who enjoy learning and encourages understanding and application of knowledge to real-life experiences. Besides focusing on concepts in maths and science, ICSE also offers an equal weightage to languages, arts and humanities.

This allows for a more balanced, wholesome and holistic education. ICSE schools use English as the medium of education and focus on strengthening language skills. SUPW and community service is a compulsory graded subject. Students are encouraged to pursue community service and develop a sense of responsibility towards the community.

The holistic curriculum, focus on English and other languages, mandatory community service, and the encouragement to pursue extra-curricular activities helps build impressive profiles for students applying to colleges and universities abroad. A good base in English language also gives ICSE students an edge over others in language exams like TOEFL and IELTS.

The Ministry of Education permits each state to design and develop their own syllabus and also conducts a standard examination. The state syllabus is followed in the government-run schools and also in some private schools. The State Board syllabus is different in every state and is designed for the specific state to teach students about their region and state.

The focus is on regional/local language, history (along with national and world history), and culture of the state. With an in-depth localised approach, the State Board equips students with deep knowledge and understanding of their region besides the country and the world.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is designed to develop “inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people”. Apart from the subjects taught, the programme focusses on three major requirements – CAS (Creativity Action and Service), TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and the extended essay.

How do you know what you know – is the focal point in IB curriculum. The IB curriculum motivates students and helps students develop critical thinking and research skills that are crucial for excelling in college and beyond. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to navigate the real-world challenges and propose solutions with an open mind and ingenuity.

Research and internships are focal points in the curriculum. They mostly prepare students for universities and jobs beyond the shores of India. Studying in an IB accredited school can also be a gamechanger when taking admission in college or university abroad.

Students with an IB diploma have higher university and college acceptance rates than other applicants and more scholarship opportunities. Cambridge Board curriculum is designed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and it is recognized worldwide. The highest numbers of schools globally are affiliated to the Cambridge Board.

IGCSE has a broad curriculum that is based on the British GCSE curriculum. Schools across the world can modify it to suit regional requirements and learning environments. A wide range of subjects provide students the opportunity to find subject combinations that suit their interests and aptitude.

  • Cambridge IGCSE helps improve performance by developing skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving.
  • Research and internships are focal points in the curriculum.
  • The curriculum is created to generate curiosity in students and develop a desire for learning.
  • As IGCSE is among the most widely accepted qualifications across the world it serves as a launching pad for higher and professional studies.

The curriculum prioritises learning languages and cultural studies which creates well-rounded students. This makes for a positive impression when applying for admission to colleges abroad. Switching Boards It is also critical for parents to keep a track of their child’s overall performance in a particular board.

  1. If a child is facing challenges or wants to try something different that is more in line with their passion, interests and life/ career goals, they can always switch to a different board.
  2. Students can switch in any grade, however grade 8 is seen to be the best time to transition.
  3. If an international board like the IB/ Cambridge is your choice, then making the change at the earliest will help the child.

My Final thoughts Given the pace at which the world is evolving, predicting what the world will look like when our children graduate is tough. Irrespective of the board, they should be taught to keep an open mind, inquire, and be prepared to take on challenges and come up with real-world practical solutions.

Which board is best for future in India?

Differences between these two boards – While the focus of CBSE is on Science and Mathematics, ICSE focuses more on practical subjects covering different subject streams, including literature, language, humanities, etc. CBSE may be a good choice for students seeking future careers in medical and engineering fields.

ICSE may be a good option for seeking versatility in selecting subjects, overall student development, and developing strong English proficiency to study abroad. As far as the language preference goes, ICSE emphasizes English, making it helpful for students to clear standard examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., needed to get admission in foreign universities.

No such language preferences exist in CBSE. Since are located across the country, it is actually very helpful for students with parents in transferable jobs. CBSE uses an alphabetical grading system. ICSE emphasizes scores. The above are some of the striking differences between the two boards.

Which publication is best for up board class 10?

UP Board Class 10th Books: Download UP Board 10 Books PDF Since all the UP Board Class 10th study material will now be, it will be easy for the students to download PFD them and study from. NCERT/UP Board books are considered as the best study material for students of Class 10th.

  • These books are prepared by experts teachers that have mastered the subjects.
  • UP Board Class 10 books are curated in a manner that helps students in getting in-depth knowledge of the subjects along with preparing them for further classes.
  • Also, these books are beneficial for various entrance exams as most of the questions asked are directly from NCERT books Solutions.

Below are the subject-wise UP Board books for class 10th Hindi, English along with the pdf links so that students can be download them and quick their preparation.

Which publication is best for class 10?

Hindi Reference Books for Class 10 – Here are the best reference books for CBSE class 10th Hindi. Take a look:

Navyug Hindi Vyakaran All in One by Arihant Publications Me ‘n’ Mine Golden Guide U-Like Oswaal Hindi Books etc.

Arjun Patel