Ind Vs Aus 4Th Test 2023

RESULT 4th Test, Ahmedabad, March 09 – 13, 2023, Australia tour of India Player Of The Series 86 runs • 25 wkts Scorecard summary Australia • 480/10 (167.2 overs) 1st INNINGS India • 571/9 (178.5 overs) 1st INNINGS Australia • 175/2 (78.1 overs) 2nd INNINGS 4.10pm India retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and celebrate with it. They have won each of the last four BGT series.

India and Australia now set themselves for three ODIs starting in Mumbai on Friday. Stay tuned for the analysis from Karthik Krishnaswamy and Andrew McGlashan from Ahmedabad tonight. But thanks for your company. On behalf of the entire ESPNCricinfo team, as well as Sreshth Shah, Himanshu Agrawal and Chandan Duorah it is goodbye from Ahmedabad.

India series winners. The two teams will next meet in a Test in the WTC final in England in June. India captain Rohit Sharma : “It was fantastic. Right from the word go. It was exciting, all the Test matches there was something in it for everyone to watch.

We understand the importance of the series and definitely understand the importance of the opposition. After playing good cricket for 40-odd days we stand here with a result we are quite happy with. There were challenges thrown up but we responded to them. With the result 2-1, the first two Tests, we knew how important it was to start the series.

I think the Delhi Test match was something I’m really proud of because we were very much behind the game and to comeback from the situation that we did shows a lot of character and a lot of fight.” Joint Player of the series to R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja,

  1. Ashwin: “It’s been a great journey together.
  2. We wouldn’t be the same without the other.
  3. He gives me a lot of freedom to be creative on the field with the ball.
  4. Credit to him.
  5. I thought he bowled beautifully in the Delhi Test.
  6. That’s why we’re here.” Jadeja: “We’re always talking about the wicket, what field we should have to particular batters.

We’re always talking and discussing. I’m not happy with my batting in the series. I missed on a few occasions. Especially in this game. Hopefully I’ll work harder and more focussed on my batting for the next series.” Player of the match is Virat Kohli : “The expectations that I have for myself as a player are more important to me.

I think in Test cricket I wasn’t able to play with my tempo and template that I have played with for the last 10 years for awhile now. So that was the one thing I was trying to do. I felt like I was batting really well from the first innings in Nagpur. But we focussed more on batting as long as possible for the team.

I did that for periods but not to the capability that I have done in the past. From that perspective I was disappointed but there was belief there that I was playing well and if I got an opportunity on a decent wicket then I can make a big one.” Australia captain Steve Smith : “It did end slowly.

  1. That was a pretty flat wicket that one.
  2. It was a really enjoyable series to be a part of.
  3. The boys had a great time over here.
  4. The hospitality has been outstanding and the crowds have been amazing.
  5. It was a really well fought series.
  6. I think we started to play a lot better as the series went on.
  7. That hour of madness I suppose in Delhi really cost us in that game.

But I think coming back from that in Indore we fought back really nicely and this game as well. Unfortunately the wicket was probably a little bit too flat for a result in the end.” India coach Rahul Dravid on Star : “It was a really hard fought series, there were moments where we were put under extreme pressure by a really good cricket team and we responded.

Whenever we needed someone to step up and put in a special performance, we found it. Rohit led the way in the first Test with a brilliant hundred and it was bookended by Virat Kohli’s brilliant 186. In the middle we had performances from Ashwin, Jadeja, Axar, Shubman there. I’ve probably missed out a few.

I think our fight stood out. Whenever we were under pressure with our backs to the wall we had to respond and we always found that. It’s one of the heartening things about coaching this team. People want to stand up and take responsibility. We just qualified at lunchtime today.

  • I wasn’t counting my chickens before they hatched.
  • We’ll celebrate this for starters.
  • It is going to be a challenge.
  • There’s going to be a lot of logistics involved given the IPL final is only a week before the WTC final.
  • We’ll think about it.” Shubman Gill on Star : ” is always on his mark.
  • He tests your patience so much.

Especially when I was batting to him on day three and the first session was quite challenging for me and Rohit. Just the areas that he bowls. He doesn’t give much to the batter for someone who is consistently bowling outside off stump, he doesn’t give half volleys or short balls.

That’s quite amazing. As a batter it’s quite difficult to score runs off him.” Nathan Lyon on Star : “It’s been a tough challenge. We knew it was going to be tough but it’s been rewarding. I think our group can take a lot out of it. There’s areas where we can improve but some proud moments along the way.

was a pretty tough surface. There wasn’t a lot in it. It can be quite challenging but it’s up to us bowlers get the guys caught on the crease and trying to get them to play false shots. A totally different surface to the first three wickets.” 3.21pm No we’re done now.

Australia can technically declare 10 minutes early. The umpires agree to call it off. Handshakes all-round. The 4th Test ends in a draw and India win the series 2-1. India too good. They deserve to retain the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Australia will kick themselves for their collapse in Delhi that cost them a rare chance at a series win in India.

But India’s spinners were far too good in the first two Test matches. The two teams will meet again in the World Test Championship final at the Oval in England in June. Neil: “India should’ve sneakily gone for the 84 in 16 overs because I assume Australia “declared” to lose 2 overs for change of innings?” Rohit joked that he would call for the light roller but they ended it by mutual agreement.

  1. Otherwise Australia would have kept batting obviously.
  2. Vijaykumar: “I can imagine Chris Broad sharpening his knives before writing up the pitch report ” It will be interesting to see how this is rated following Indore.
  3. Only 20 wickets fell to bowlers in 5 days.
  4. Gill to Labuschagne, no run 82kph, tossed up on off, he defends on the front foot We’ll be done in three overs end of over 78 1 run AUS: 175/2 CRR: 2.24 Steven Smith 10 (59b 2×4) Marnus Labuschagne 63 (212b 7×4) Cheteshwar Pujara 1-0-1-0 Shubman Gill 1-0-1-0 Nanda: “The Indian wicket-keeper should say “Well bowled Warnie” after every Puajara delivery.

” Bharat enjoyed that set Pujara to Smith, no run flatter slider, shorter, he’s back to defend Pujara to Smith, no run flighted higher, drifting into middle, 79kph, he drives back to the bowler Pujara to Smith, no run tossed fuller, lovely shape, he drives to mid off Pujara to Smith, no run good length leg break, he’s back to defend Smith batting in a baggy green facing Pujara.

Test cricket ladies and gentlemen. Pujara to Smith, no run good length, leg break, fourth stump, he’s back to defend Jobin: “@Alex – Why is Marnus Labuschagne not pushing for a century? He can go all hell now. Nothing to lose but a 100 to gain. ” He prefers the not out clearly Pujara to Labuschagne, 1 run short and wide, some turn, he’s back to punch to deep point Here is Pujara.

Some leg spin for the first time in the match. Slip in end of over 77 1 run AUS: 174/2 CRR: 2.25 Steven Smith 10 (54b 2×4) Marnus Labuschagne 62 (211b 7×4) Shubman Gill 1-0-1-0 Axar Patel 19-8-36-1 Gill keeps Smith and Labuschagne to one run in his first Test over.

  • One to tell the grandkids about it.
  • Aaron Gocs: “This is Gill’s 10th first class over.
  • Handshake not far away” Gill to Smith, no run good length, 85kph, spinning into off, he’s back to defend Gill to Smith, no run tossed up outside off, 85kph, he leans out to defend Gill to Labuschagne, 1 run 95kph, flatter and shorter on middle, he’s back to work it through square leg Marnus is smiling after defending the first three Gill to Labuschagne, no run 83kph, full on off, he leans out to defend Gill to Labuschagne, no run 81kph, good length pitching into the footmark, some dust comes up and it spins as he’s back to defend Sam: “What if Smith and Labuschagne refuse the handshakes in search of more runs and higher averages” Does not appear to be their intent at the moment given how they are defending Gill to Labuschagne, no run 81kph, floaty off break tossed up, he leans out to defend Shubman Gill on for a bowl end of over 76 Maiden AUS: 173/2 CRR: 2.27 Steven Smith 10 (52b 2×4) Marnus Labuschagne 61 (207b 7×4) Axar Patel 19-8-36-1 Ravindra Jadeja 20-7-34-0 Neil: “Pujara is warming up I see.” All for some Pujara overs to liven things up Axar Patel to Smith, no run good length, sliding on with the arm to middle, he defends Axar Patel to Smith, no run fuller, drifting into middle, he defends on the front foot Axar Patel to Smith, no run round arm, 91kph, sliding low into leg, he’s back to defend Axar Patel to Smith, no run good length, 89kph, some bounce this time, he defends on the front foot Axar Patel to Smith, no run 91kph, flatter, skidding low, he plays back Axar Patel to Smith, no run drifting into off, 88kph, good length, he leans out to defend Thanks Sreshth.

Vijay Kaharana: “When can the captains shake hand??” Usually with an hour to go although there is some suggestion it could be done after 81 overs. We’ll soon find out. end of over 75 Maiden AUS: 173/2 CRR: 2.30 Marnus Labuschagne 61 (207b 7×4) Steven Smith 10 (46b 2×4) Ravindra Jadeja 20-7-34-0 Axar Patel 18-7-36-1 Alright then! That’s all from me from the BGT. Instant answers to T20 questions ICC World Test Championship

AUS 19 11 3 5 152 66.67
IND 18 10 5 3 127 58.80
SA 15 8 6 1 100 55.56
ENG 22 10 8 4 124 46.97
SL 12 5 6 1 64 44.44
NZ 13 4 6 3 60 38.46
PAK 14 4 6 4 64 38.10
WI 13 4 7 2 54 34.62
BAN 12 1 10 1 16 11.11

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Where is IND vs AUS 2023 Test Series?

India vs Australia Schedule 2023 – BCCI has announced that India vs Australia ODI Test Series Schedule 2023 has been released and now you can visit the BCCI Official Website to get complete updates. As per the latest, The first Match Between India vs Australia Border – Gavaskar Trophy Series 2023 will be played in Nagpur.

Who won the 4th Test match IND vs Aus?

India head coach Rahul Dravid – 15:31 (IST) Mar 13 Next meet-up on June 7 at The Oval 15:30 (IST) Mar 13 India and Australia settle for a draw in final Test 15:22 (IST) Mar 13 4th Test ends in a draw | India clinch series 2-1 It’s all over in Ahmedabad! The players have shaken hands and the fourth and final Test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy ends in a draw.

Australia’s play-safe approach worked to perfection as Travis Head (90) and Marnus Labuschagne navigated the final day without much of a fuss. India needed wickets to push for victory but Head and Labuschagne held firm against the spin challenge. Both shared a 139 stand, getting crucial runs under their belt.

Head missed out on a ton while Labuschagne scored and unbeaten 63 alongside skipper Steve Smith (10*). With the draw in the fourth and final Test, India clinch the series 2-1 and retain the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Both the teams will now lock horns in a couple of months against in the World Test Championship final at The Oval from June 7.15:21 (IST) Mar 13 As the match heads towards a draw, the India players now enjoying time out in the middle.

  • Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara have taken up the bowling responsibilities as seems like frontline bowlers are done for the day.
  • Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne also knocking out the deliveries.15:06 (IST) Mar 13 Labuschagne, Smith solid | Last 30 minutes of the game! The odd-ball still jumping and spinning but Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith have pretty watchful and have not put their guards down.

Getting the odd boundaries here and there as well and getting runs under their belt. The drinks are on the field now and players and umpires will have a breather. AUS 173/2 after 75 overs, lead by 82 runs 14:46 (IST) Mar 13 Labuschagne and Smith settle in after the break! Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith get on with their jobs after the Tea break.

Both have now faced 59 balls together and have added 15 runs for the third wicket. India spinners still in search of wickets. The two left-arm spinners Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja operating at the moment. AUS 168/3 after 69 overs, lead by 77 runs 14:33 (IST) Mar 13 Final session on Day 5 is underway! Marnus Labuschagne (56*) and Steve Smith (0*) are back in the middle for the final session on Day 5.

Ashwin to resume proceedings for Team India. Can India spinners pull off something special in Ahmedabad? Here we go! 14:30 (IST) Mar 13 14:11 (IST) Mar 13 Tea on Day 5 | Australia 158/2 | Lead by 67 runs Another excellent session for Australia as they lose just one wicket and most likely have taken their defeat out of the equation.

Travis Head (90) was the lone man to fall in the session as he missed out on a well-deserved ton. Axar Patel got the only wicket as Australia go into the break at 158 for 2 taking a lead of 67 runs. Marnus Labuschagne (56*) and Steve Smith (0*) head back to the break unbeaten.14:04 (IST) Mar 13 Bharat grasses another one! A straightforward chance put down and KS Bharat is the culprit once again behind the stumps.

His third drop catch of the match. Axar Patel gets the outside edge of Steve Smith’s and Bharat is very late to react on the ball. It hits his right pad and goes down. Bharat couldn’t even get a hand to the ball. Smith has a lucky escape. AUS 153/2, lead by 62 runs.13:54 (IST) Mar 13 OUT! Bowled! Axar Patel finally breaks the 139-run partnership.

  1. A wicket against the run of play.
  2. Travis Head goes for the expansive drive and the ball spins through between his bat and pad, crashing into the off stump.
  3. Head will be disappointed as he misses out on a well-deserved ton.
  4. Axar grabs his 50th wicket in Test cricket.
  5. AUS 153/2, lead by 62 runs 13:45 (IST) Mar 13 Marnus Labuschagne brings up his 15th Test half-century off 150 balls.

His first of the series! A well-compiled knock from Labuschagne. His previous highest score in the series was 49 and had to face some tough conditions in the first three Tests. But here in Ahmedabad, he has looked really good in the second innings. Gets to his fifty with an easy single off Umesh Yadav after cracking him for a boundary, previous ball.

AUS 150/1 after 57.2 overs, lead by 59 runs 13:37 (IST) Mar 13 Head in 80’s | Labuschagne in 40’s Three boundaries in the last three overs as both Travis Head (86*) and Marnus Labuschagne (44*) look at ease. There is also not much happening in the Indian camp either. A few oohs and aahs in around the bat but nothing threatening for both the batters.

Ravindra Jadeja and Umesh Yadav operating for India at the moment. AUS 140/1 after 56 overs, lead by 49 runs 13:15 (IST) Mar 13 Travis Head and Labuschagne hold firm Another hour goes in favour of Australia. Travis Head (76*) and Marnus Labuschagne (37*) have now added 109 runs and have faced 243 balls together on Day 5.

  1. Both have put up a great show against the India spinners.
  2. The track has also not aided the spinners as much it should have on the final day of the Test.
  3. Nothing there for the fast bowlers as well.
  4. Drinks are on the field now and the players will have a much-needed breather.
  5. AUS 123/1 after 51 overs, lead by 32 runs 12:54 (IST) Mar 13 100-run partnership comes up between Head and Labuschagne A terrific partnership this has turned out to be between Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne.

They have faced 219 balls together so far and just not given anything to the India bowlers. India needed wickets to push for a win but Head and Labuschagne have shown terrific defiance on the final day. From here, until there is now a dramatic Australian batting collapse – which seems unlikely – the Test is headed for a draw.12:46 (IST) Mar 13 100 comes up for Australia in the second innings! 12:42 (IST) Mar 13 Second successive WTC Final for #TeamIndia 12:41 (IST) Mar 13 Australia cut the 91-run deficit to go ahead of India in the second session on Day 5 AUS 93/1 in second innings, lead by 2 runs | Travis Head 53* | Marnus Labuschagne 34* 12:35 (IST) Mar 13 A superb fifty from opener Travis Head.

An innings of defiance and determination. Was not included in the team for the first Test but since then he hasn’t looked back. Knocks of 43 and 49* in the second and the third Test in testing conditions and now he gets to his first fifty of the series. Making great use of the excellent batting conditions.

Head notches up his 13th Test half-century off 112 balls. AUS 88/1, trail by 3 runs 12:33 (IST) Mar 13 Five overs into the post lunch session and Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne continue from where they left off. The risk-free approach still their from the Aussies.

Just a boundary hit so far in the session. Ashwin and Axar Patel operating at the moment for India.12:17 (IST) Mar 13 Second session on Day 5 gets underway! Travis Head (45*) and Marnus Labuschagne (22*) are back in the middle to resume Australia innings after the Lunch break. Ashwin to start the proceedings for India.

AUS 73/1 after 36 overs, trail by 18 runs 12:15 (IST) Mar 13 So, It will be Australia vs India in the #WTC23 final after New Zealand pull off a sensational last-ball victory over Sri Lanka in 1st Test in Christchurch Sri Lanka needed to win the two-Test series against New Zealand 2-0 but they have lost the first Test.

So India qualifies for the World Test Championship final for the second time in a row.12:12 (IST) Mar 13 JUST IN – INDIA QUALIFY FOR WORLD TEST CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL AS NEW ZEALAND BEAT SRI LANKA BY 2 WICKETS IN A LAST-OVER THRILLER.11:50 (IST) Mar 13 Morning session in a nutshell Australian batters adopted a risk-free approach to reach 73 for 1 at lunch on the final day of the fourth Test against India as the match meandered towards a dull draw.

Australia still need 18 runs to erase the first innings deficit of 91 runs after India scored 571 in their first essay. Australia had score 480 in their first effort. With Sri Lanka not likely to win the opening Test against New Zealand in Christchurch, the Indian team will be a happy unit, going into lunch as they are all set to enter the World Test Championship final.

  • With the Motera track showing no signs of wear and tear, a result looked improbable even after end of day four but the academic interest was whether India can effect a collapse on day five.
  • However there was no such drama during the fifth morning as Travis Head (45 batting, 96 balls) continued his good form while Marnus Labuschagne (22 batting, 85 balls) was happy to play an ultra-defensive game with no result in sight.

Australia had no chance of forcing a win and their batting unit was justified as they played for a draw on a good batting track. There were not many deliveries that turned and despite their best batter Usman Khawaja’s absence due to a leg injury, Australians didn’t break any sweat.

  1. Matthew Kuhnemann (6) did the job given to him as he played the tricky overs in the fourth evening and would consider himself distinctly unlucky to be adjudged leg-before off Ashwin.
  2. Head on his part didn’t play too many attacking shots save one lofted six over long off Ashwin’s bowling.
  3. He also had five fours in his kitty.11:44 (IST) Mar 13 The Head-Labuschagne defiance! 11:33 (IST) Mar 13 Australia 73/1 at Lunch on Day 5 | Trail by 18 That’s Lunch on Day 5 as Travis Head (45*) and Marnus Labuschagne (22*) bat out the session to frustrate India.

India needed wickets to press for victory but both Head and Labuschagne have denied India any success. Umesh Yadav completes the final over before the break. Head and Labuschagne added 59 runs for the second wicket and faced 152 balls in the session. The only wicket that fell was of nightwatchman Matthew Kuhnemann (6) who was trapped in front by Ashwin in the fifth over of the day.11:29 (IST) Mar 13 Unsuccessful review from India! A review out of desperation from Rohit Sharma and co.

Travis Head presses forward to defend the ball and Ashwin hits his front pad. He was a long way forward and umpire Nitin Menon ruled it in favour of the batter. Ball-tracking does confirm that the delivery is just clipping the top of the leg stump. The on-field decision stays as Head survives a review.11:19 (IST) Mar 13 Head and Labuschagne solid A lot of oohs and aahs around the wicket but India still in search of a second breakthrough.

Travis Head (41*) and Marnus Labuschagne (21*) have done really well and have produced a gritty performance in this morning session. Till now, they have faced 134 balls together and looked quite decent. Bowling change for India now as Umesh Yadav comes into the attack for the first time on Day 5.

  • AUS 61/1 after 33 overs, trail by 23 11:11 (IST) Mar 13 20 minutes to go for Lunch! Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne have now batted close to 21 overs together and have added 51 runs for the second wicket.
  • The odd ball has been turning but both the Aussie batters have been watchful.
  • Can India get another one before the break! Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel operating at the moment.

AUS 65/1 after 31 overs, trail by 26 10:53 (IST) Mar 13 Woah! Head goes down town! SIX! Terrific footwork from Travis Head as he dances down the track and slams Ashwin for a maximum. First big hit of the day as Head takes on Ashwin.50 also comes up for Australia with that cracking strike.

Australia now trail by 41 runs.10:47 (IST) Mar 13 Pitch now aiding spinners a lot more! A probing over from R Ashwin. The ball has started to do a lot more off the pitch. Travis Head bets beaten thrice in the over on the front-foot as well as on the back-foot. A maiden from Ashwin. AUS 42/1 after 24 overs, trail by 49 10:39 (IST) Mar 13 FOUR! Terrific footwork from Marnus Labuschagne as he charges down the track and whacks Ashwin delivery to the long-on fence.

This is the second time Labuschagne has come down and gone aerial against Ashwin. Taking on the challenge from the ace India spinner. AUS 37/1, trail by 54 runs 10:34 (IST) Mar 13 First hour of play done on Day 5! Travis Head (18*) and Marnus Labuschagne (9*) steady for Australia as India continue their search for wickets.

  • DRINKS are on the field now and the players and umpires will have a breather on a sunny Monday morning in Ahmedabad.
  • AUS 33/1 after 21 overs, trail by 58 runs 10:29 (IST) Mar 13 Axar comes in, change of ends for Jadeja Another throw of dice from skipper Rohit Sharma as Axar Patel comes into the attack.

Axar hasn’t got much opportunities with the ball throughout the series but can he turn the game around here on his home ground? Starts off with a maiden! Change of ends for Ravindra Jadeja as Ashwin gets a breather. AUS 26/1 after 20 overs 10:25 (IST) Mar 13 Head and Labuschagne steady Every now and then, the odd ball is doing something off the pitch but both the Aussie batters Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne have been alert and pro-active.

They are getting the long strides forward and looking to play most of the balls in front. Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja continue to ask the questions. AUS 26/1 after 19 overs, trail by 65 10:13 (IST) Mar 13 Bowling change for India as Jadeja replaces Shami The is a rough spot outside the off stump of the right-hander and R Ashwin is getting close to the spot.

Gets a couple of balls to turn in against Marnus Labuschagne but he keeps them away. Bowling change for India now as Ravindra Jadeja comes in place of Mohammed Shami. Looks like it will be spin from both ends now for India. AUS 20/1 after 15 overs 10:05 (IST) Mar 13 Stat attack – R Ashwin has managed to dismiss all the 15 Australian batters at least once in this series.10:04 (IST) Mar 13 Ashwin, Shami keep it tight 7 overs have been bowling since the play has started as India kept things tight.14 runs scored by the Aussies and they have lost nightwatchman Matthew Kuhnemann in the process.

  • New man in Marnus Labuschagne has faced 5 balls and is yet to get off the mark.
  • Travis Head batting on 11 alongside him.
  • AUS 17/1 after 13 overs, trail by 74.09:50 (IST) Mar 13 Ashwin draws first blood on Day 5 OUT! R Ashwin gets the opening breakthrough in the fifth over of the morning session.
  • Nightwatchman Matthew Kuhnemann trapped in front for 6.

Misses a straight ball as it darts into his pads. Doesn’t take a review! So, India strike early and Ashwin bags his 7th wicket of the match. AUS 14/1 after 10.4 overs, trail by 77 09:49 (IST) Mar 13 Head, Kuhnemann look comfortable Four overs into the morning session and not much happening with the ball, in the air or off the pitch for both Shami and Ashwin.

  1. Both Travis Head and nightwatchman Matthew Kuhnemann off to a comfortable start.
  2. AUS 14/0 after 10 overs, trail by 77 09:42 (IST) Mar 13 JUST IN – Shreyas Iyer will take no further part in this Test: BCCI update 09:37 (IST) Mar 13 Shami partners up with Ashwin 0 0 1 4 0 0 – R Ashwin starts off with a five-run first over.

Mohammed Shami to share the ball with Ashwin from the other end. Two slips in place for Shami. AUS 8/0 09:36 (IST) Mar 13 A streaky boundary to start off with! FOUR! Matthew Kuhnemann gets the first boundary of the day for Australia off R Ashwin. A thick-ish outside edge and the ball rolls down to the third-man fence.

  • Chasing the ball, Axar Patel bumps into the cameraman and there are smiles all around.
  • Everyone’s safe! AUS 8/0 after 6.4 overs 09:31 (IST) Mar 13 Morning session is underway in Ahmedabad! Travis Head and Matthew Kuhnemann are in the middle to begin Day 5 for Australia.
  • R Ashwin to start the proceedings for India.

A slip and a short-leg in place in place for Ashwin. Head on strike. Here we go! AUS 3/0 after 6 overs, trail by 88 runs 09:18 (IST) Mar 13 Yesterday was special, with Virat ending a wait of over three years to score his a Test century, his 28th. Can Team India make it even more special today? 6 More Updates : India vs Australia Highlights: Khawaja, Green, Gill and Kohli hit centuries as Ahmedabad Test ends in a draw, India clinch series 2-1

How many Test series India won in Australia 2023?

India vs Australia Test Series 2023

Series Result India Won the 4 Match Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test Series By 2-1
Player Of the Series Ravichandran Ashwin
Start Date 2023-02-09
End Date 2023-03-13
Host Country India

Where is IND vs AUS 4th Test?

AUS vs IND, Australia in India 2022/23, 4th Test at Ahmedabad, March 09 – 13, 2023 – Full Scorecard.

What date is the 4th Test match?

Wed Jul 19 2023 Fourth Test Match, Emirates Old Trafford.

Is India better than Australia in cricket?

Records for Australia vs India in Test Matches – First India vs Australia Test was on 28th November 1947 at the Gabba, Brisbane. In 106 head-to-head Test matches between India and Australia, India have won 32 (3 in last 5) while Australia has grabbed wins in 44 matches. The last India vs. Australia Test was on 9th March 2023 at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad, which ended in a draw.

Format Matches India Wins Australia Wins Draw Tie
Test 107 32 45 29 1
In India 54 23 14 16 1
In Australia 52 9 30 13 0
Last 10 Tests 10 5 2 3 0

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Can India qualify for WTC?

India qualify for World Test Championship final India have qualified for the World Test Championship final. They will take on Australia at The Oval for the World Test Championship 2023.

After an exciting last-ball victory for put an end to Sri Lanka’s attempt to finish in the top two, India has locked up a spot in the World Test Championship final, which will take place at The Oval on June 7. India’s Test series against Australia at home did not begin well, meaning their worst possible WTC points percentage is 57%, even if there are no penalty points due to poor over rates. Sri Lanka initially struggled with rain and failed to bowl out New Zealand on day five of the first Test in Christchurch, resulting in a best possible WTC points percentage of 56% if they win the second Test.

Rohit Sharma’s team took a 2-1 series lead in the first three Tests at home against Australia, ensuring their place in the WTC final. If they avoid defeat in the fourth Test, they will win the Border-Gavaskar series outright. India started their WTC campaign in England, leading 2-1 against Joe Root’s team before the fifth Test was postponed to 2022 due to Covid.

While they lost the fifth Test match in Birmingham, they won strong home series against New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, paving their way to the WTC final. The winner of the World Test Championship mace will be decided at the final in The Oval, London, on June 7, between India and Australia. India lost the first-ever World Test Championship final to New Zealand in 2021 when Kane Williamson’s team chased down a target of 139 in Southampton.

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Where is the 4th Test match?

England vs Australia fourth Test: Date and start time –

  1. The fourth Test will run from Wednesday, July 19 to Sunday, July 23.
  2. It is being held at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester.
  3. Play is due to start at 11am each day.

Has India ever won a Test match in Australia?

Series summary – Cricketing contests between the two nations have usually been of high intensity. The importance of the series is also fuelled by Australia’s desire to beat India in a Test match series in India, which, until their victory in the 2004–05 series, they had not done so since 1969–70.

  • India has developed a reputation of being particularly difficult to beat at home, having lost only two Test series since 1986–87.
  • Conversely, India had never managed to win a Test series in Australia until 2018–19 series, after which they continued their winning streak in the 2020-21 series, thereby retaining the trophy for two editions outside home.

The competitiveness of the series played between the two sides is also reflected in the fact that in both 2000–01 and 2007–08, it was India who ended Australia’s runs of 16 consecutive Test wins. Matches in India are commonly described with labels like final frontier or iconic event,

  1. The Test series held in India in 2000–01 was labelled the final frontier by Steve Waugh and it lived up to its reputation; it had the closest result in decades with India overpowering the mighty Australians in the final session of the final Test at Chennai.
  2. The series also gave the cricketing world three champion cricketers in Hayden, Harbhajan and Laxman who were relatively unknown or under-performing till then.

They were the cornerstones of the series and the duels between Laxman & Australian bowlers on the one hand; and Harbhajan & Hayden on the other are often termed the most engrossing player rivalries in a Test series of cricket. The series was played in the backdrop of the death of legendary Sir Donald Bradman who was quoted as saying that he was very much looking forward to the series and had high expectations of both the teams.

Australian Test wins (as of 13 March 2023) Indian Test wins (as of 13 March 2023) Draws
20 (44 overall) 24 (32 overall) 12 (29 overall), + 1 tie (not under the trophy)

Who won most border Gavaskar Trophy?

Border Gavaskar Trophy Winners List – A total of 16 Border-Gavaskar Trophies have been played so far, and the Indian team has conquered the Australians quite a lot of times. Out of 16, 10 series have been won by India, 5 have been won by Australia and one series has ended in a draw.

S No. Series Season Winner Margin
1 Australia in India 1996/97 India 1-0 (1)
2 Australia in India 1997/98 India 2-1 (3)
3 India in Australia 1999/00 Australia 3-0 (3)
4 Australia in India 2000/01 India 2-1 (3)
5 India in Australia 2003/04 drawn 1-1 (4)
6 Australia in India 2004/05 Australia 2-1 (4)
7 India in Australia 2007/08 Australia 2-1 (4)
8 Australia in India 2008/09 India 2-0 (4)
9 Australia in India 2010/11 India 2-0 (2)
10 India in Australia 2011/12 Australia 4-0 (4)
11 Australia in India 2012/13 India 4-0 (4)
12 India in Australia 2014/15 Australia 2-0 (4)
13 Australia in India 2016/17 India 2-1 (4)
14 India in Australia 2018/19 India 2-1 (4)
15 India in Australia 2020/21 India 2-1 (4)
16 Australia in India 2022/23 India 2-1 (4)

Border Gavaskar Trophy History and Winners

What happens if WTC is a draw?

The WTC remains the only major men’s cricket trophy Australia have yet to win. According to ICC rules, if the WTC Final is drawn, tied or abandoned, Australia and India will be declared joint World Test Championship winners. Also, a reserve day is in place on June 12, which can be used to make up for any loss of playing time during the five scheduled days for the WTC final. – The India and Australia World Test Championship Final got underway at the Oval on Wednesday This is the second-ever ICC World Test Championship final after New Zealand won the inaugural title in 2021. Australia were all out for 469 in the first innings while India was skittled out for 296.

  1. In the second innings, Australia were 123/4 at stumps, extending their lead to 296 runs.
  2. According to ICC rules, if the WTC Final is drawn, tied or abandoned, Australia and India will be declared joint World Test Championship winners.
  3. Also, a reserve day is in place on June 12, which can be used to make up for any loss of playing time during the five scheduled days for the WTC final.

The WTC remains the only major men’s cricket trophy Australia have yet to win. India has dropped off-spinner Ashwin from the playing eleven as overcast conditions and a green-tinged pitch is set to assist the pacers. India opted for an attack of four seamers and spin-bowling all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

  1. Australia, preferred Scott Boland to Michael Neser in their pace attack.
  2. Scott Boland replaced injured fast bowler Josh Hazlewood in the Australia squad.
  3. It (pitch) looks like it’s got a little bit of grass.
  4. I’m sure he’ll be a weapon,” Australia skipper Pat Cummins said of Boland’s inclusion.
  5. Terming the decision tough to leave Ashwin, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma said, “He (Ashwin) has been a match-winner for us, it is not a great occasion to leave him out, but you have got to do what is best for the team in the given conditions.” Teams Australia: David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey (wkt), Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins (capt), Nathan Lyon, Scott Boland India: Rohit Sharma (capt), Shubman Gill, Chesteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Srikar Bharat (wkt), Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj Umpires: Chris Gaffaney (NZL), Richard Illingworth (ENG) TV umpire: Richard Kettleborough (ENG) Match referee: Richie Richardson (WIS) (With Agency Inputs) ( Originally published on Jun 07, 2023 ) (Catch all the Business News, Breaking News Events and Latest News Updates on The Economic Times,) Download The Economic Times News App to get Daily Market Updates & Live Business News.

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How many times India won Australia?

India vs Australia Head to Head in Tests

Matches Played 107
India won 32
Australia won 45
Tied 1
Draw 29

How to draw Test cricket?

Draw – The result of a match is a “draw” if a match is concluded, as defined in Law 16, without being a win or a tie. A draw therefore occurs when one or both of the teams have not completed their innings by the scheduled end of play. In matches where the number of overs is not limited, therefore, a team unable to win may be able to ‘save the draw’ by either avoiding being all-out if they are batting (i.e.

by having two or more batsmen left at the end of play who are ”), or, if bowling, by slowing down the scoring of the batting team. The match is then drawn regardless of the total of runs accumulated by either side. Some league competitions allow for a “winning draw” (and therefore also a “losing draw”), allocating more points to one of the teams based on factors such as run rates or overall runs scored.

The official result is still a draw.

Who won Man of the Match 4th Test?

The player of the match is Zak Crawley!

What happened to IND vs Aus?

WTC Final: Australia beats India by 209 runs to win World Test Championship, first team to win all ICC titles – WTC Final: With the World Test Championship win, Australia became the first team to win all ICC titles at least once while India lost its fourth consecutive ICC tournament final since 2014.

  • PLAYER OF THE MATCH – TRAVIS HEAD Lot of hard work over the two years. It’s been nice. That’s been the approach for two years. Said through the week that I want to be able to be proactive. I was tested throughout the innings. It was nice to be out there for a period of time with Smudge (Steve Smith). Amazing week. Amazing Test from him and what we’ve come to expect (from him) here in England. Hope it’s a big couple of months from him. And I’ve always said that it feels like all the plans go to him, all the attention he draws, and I can just go about my work. Nice to spend some time out with him. I’ve always had the confidence. It’s about going out there and expressing that. It took me some time and everyone goes through that. I’ve always been open to change, open to learning. I’ve bedded down somewhat of a blueprint. It’s not always going to work. It’s nice to work that out in such a big game and hopefully continues in the next couple of months. Lot of what-ifs going to bed last night. We’ve come across such moments through the two years where we’ve had to grind it out. We were able to do that again today.
  • IND 234 all out in 63.3 overs Lyon to continue. Siraj defends well. OUT! Siraj goes for the reverse-sweep and it’s taken at point. Mohammed Siraj c Boland b Lyon 1 (6b). Australia beats India comprehensively by 209 runs and lifts its first WTC title.
  • IND 234/9 in 63 overs FOUR! Starc continues. Too full and Shami drives it down the ground for a boundary. FOUR ! Short and pulled away by Shami to the boundary behind for consecutive boundaries. Drifting down leg and taken behind by Carey. Umpire gives it out but Shami reviews it. This has gone off the thigh pad and Shami survives. He flicks one off the backfoot for a single through square-leg. Full and wide outside off and Siraj is beaten trying to get some bat on it. Siraj is off the mark with a flick off his pads.
  • IND 224/9 in 62 overs Lyon to continue. There is an appeal for a stumping and the leg umpire goes up for the review. It looked like Bharat had his foot in the air for a while. Bharat has dragged his foot back in time and he is safe. OUT! Bharat goes for a big heave down the ground on leg-side and the ball shoots up high in the air for Lyon to complete an easy catch. KS Bharat c & b Lyon 23 (41b 2×4). Siraj is the last man in.
  • IND 224/8 in 61 overs Starc to continue. OUT! Bouncer, Umesh gets some glove on it as he tries to evade it and brilliantly caught by Carey behind the stumps. Umesh Yadav c Carey b Starc 1 (12b). Shami is in next. FOUR! Shami uppercuts this short delivery to the third-man boundary. Drifting down leg and well-collected by Carey.
  • IND 220/7 in 60 overs Lyon continues. Bharat goes for a purposeful sweep but gets just a single at deep midwicket. Umesh gets an outside edge through the cordon for one more.
  • IND 218/7 in 59 overs Starc continues around the wicket. FIVE RUNS! Overthrows from Green and that runs away to the boundary. Five runs added to Bharat’s score. Starc beaten Umesh from around the wicket as he angles it in and gets it to seam in a bit too.
  • IND 213/7 in 58 overs Lyon continues. OUT! Thakur presses forward to defend and is trapped in front. The umpire raises his finger straightaway. This is hitting middle-stump. Shardul Thakur lbw b Lyon 0 (5b). Umesh Yadav comes in.
  • IND 212/6 in 57 overs Here comes Starc again. OUT! Rahane has to walk back now and Australia moves closer to getting its hands on that mace. A bit of extra bounce, Rahane looks to drive a length ball outside off and gets an outside edge to the keeper. Ajinkya Rahane c Carey b Starc 46 (108b 7×4). Shardul Thakur comes in now. Wicket maiden for Starc.
  • IND 212/5 in 56 overs Lyon comes into the attack. Bharat goes back and defends it back to the bowler. He strides forward to defend this on off-side. Punched off the backfoot for a single. FOUR! Beautifully placed between through covers off the backfoot for a boundary by Rahane. He keeps the strike with a single through covers.
  • IND 206/5 in 55 overs Starc will continue. FOUR! Half-volley on off-stump and Rahane drives it down the ground effortlessly for a boundary. Full outside off this time and Rahane drives it straight to cover-point. Rahane is solid in his defence after that boundary first ball.
  • IND 202/5 in 54 overs Green to continue. Starts with a couple of dot balls. Now a bouncer and Rahane ducks. He defends one off the backfoot as Boland bowls a hard length outside off. Rahane clips one off his toes for a single. Now a bouncer to Bharat, who takes evasive action.
  • IND 201/5 in 53 overs Starc continues. He angles the first one down leg-side. Bharat tucks one off his hips for a single at deep square-leg. FOUR! Rahane drives this down the groud with a full face of the bat and it races away to the boundary. Tucked off the hips now for one more behind square-leg.
  • IND 195/5 in 52 overs Green continues. Beaten! Moves away a touch from back of a length and Bharat pulls out of the shot late to let the ball go. Bharat flicks one off his pads but stopped by Head at short-leg. FOUR! Full outside off and sublimely driven by Bharat through point for a boundary. He keeps the strike with a single. Drinks Break!
  • IND 190/5 in 51 overs Starc replaces Boland. Starts with a fuller one and defended to extra-cover by Bharat. He gets a couple through square-leg off an inside edge. Cut away behind to third by Bharat for one more. Starc ends the over with a bouncer.
  • IND 187/5 in 50 overs Green replaces Cummins. Bharat gets another inside edge as the ball moves in and he gets a single at square-leg. Tight first over from Green.
  • IND 186/5 in 49 overs Boland continues. Gets the ball to seam in, hit Rahane on the pads but this is going down leg-side. Punched off the backfoot by Rahane but stopped at point. Hit on the pads again, not given but Cummins reviews it. This looked like it was going down leg as well. It is missing leg-stump and Australia loses another review. They are left with just one now. Rahane flicks one off his pads for a single at midwicket. Bharat drives outside off but it goes off the inside half of the bat to midwicket for one more.
  • IND 184/5 in 48 overs Cummins will continue. Rahane picks a leg-bye. Bharat ducks under a bouncer but takes his eyes off and the ball crashes into his helmet. He undergoes a concussion test.
  • IND 183/5 in 47 overs Beaten! Full outside off, Kohli pokes and misses. The Australians seem to have heard something and Cummins has gone up for the review. A horrible review as there is daylight between bat and ball. Australia loses a review. Kohli leaves this one outside off. OUT! Kohli goes for a drive very wide outside off and edges behind, where Smith takes a stunning catch in the slips. Virat Kohli c Smith b Boland 49 (78b 7×4). Ravindra Jadeja comes in next. Jadeja leaves the first one outside off. OUT! Angling in from around the wicket and Jadeja gets an edge to the keeper as he hangs his bat outside off-stump. Ravindra Jadeja c Carey b Boland 0 (2b). KS Bharat the new man in. FOUR! Bharat gets an outside edge and this flies over the slip cordon and goes to the boundary.
  • IND 179/3 in 46 overs Cummins to continue. Kohli defends it back off the front-foot outside off-stump. Pushed to extra-cover by Kohli for a quick single. Beaten! That jagged in a bit from outside off and got Rahane on the thigh pad. Steered by Rahane behind point with an open face for one more. Short and pulled away by Kohli for a single and he keeps strike.
  • IND 176/3 in 45 overs Boland continues. He gets one to rear off a length outside off and Kohli lets it go. Beautiful cover-drive from Kohli but straight to the extra-cover fielder. Close! Seaming in with the angle and Kohli lets it go but the ball was very close to off-stump. Kohli now pushes behind point again off the front-foot for a single. Rahane drives a full one to mid-on. Just a single from the over.
  • IND 175/3 in 44 overs Cummins continues. Rahane pushes one behind point for a single. Back of a length on off and Kohli hops and defends it back. Kohli now guides one behind point for a single. Cummins goes short but this is angling down leg and Rahane just ducks under it. FOUR! This was lucky! Short, Rahane tried to evade it late and it went off the edge to the boundary behind.
  • IND 169/3 in 43 overs Boland will continue. Almost chopped on! Rahane gets an inside edge driving this back of a length delivery and almost knocks his stumps over. Rahane steers to third-man with an open face for a single. Kohli defends a length ball outside off solidly. A huge LBW appeal as Kohli shuffles across a bit to flick this full delivery on the pads. Umpire is unmoved and Cummins doesn’t review it. Just a single from the over.
  • IND 168/3 in 42 overs Cummins from the other end. Kohli takes a single off the first ball as he pushes a length delivery to midwicket. Guided by Rahane behind point for a couple. Steered again by Rahane behind point for one more.
  • IND 164/3 in 41 overs The Australian team breaks out of the huddle as Kohli and Rahane make their way to the middle. It all comes down to this day! Will India create history in chasing down the biggest total ever and end its trophy drought or will Australia become the first team to win all possible ICC titles? Boland to start the proceedings with the ball. Ominous signs for India as the first ball of the day keeps low outside off and beats Rahane. Back of a length on off-stump next up and Rahane defends it on the front-foot. Fuller this time and Rahane defends again on the front-foot. A couple of neat drives by Rahane off the middle of the bat but no runs yet. Maiden over to start the day.
  • It’s a sell-out crowd at the Oval!
  • It all comes down to this day!
  • Will it rain today in London? The weather has behaved so far in the Ultimate Test but there is forecast of rain later in the day in London. Currently, it is 22 degrees Celsius and sunny.
  • Milestone man Virat Kohli

    Who won the 4th Ashes 2023?

    Australia retain Ashes with 4th Test draw after rain plays spoilsport on final day at Manchester : The fourth Test match of the Ashes 2023 series between England and Australia, held at Emirates Old Trafford, ended in a draw due to persistent rain on the final day.

    1. The result meant that Australia retained the Ashes, having come into this game with a 2-1 lead.
    2. This is the third straight time that Australia will be retaining the Ashes having never lost a series since 2015.
    3. Australia have dominated the proceedings since their 2017/18 Ashes victory and only drew the series once in 2019 in England.

    England on the other hand would feel hard done by the draw given they only needed 5 wickets in the final day to win the Test match and score whatever runs Australia could possibly have taken the lead of. Australia were on the backfoot and were vocal about hoping for rain given their disadvantageous position ahead of Day 5 of the Test match.

    England who have grown into the series as the day’s progressed had started the match on a high note, bowling out Australia for a modest total of 317 runs in just over a day’s play. In response, England put up a mammoth total of 592 runs in their first innings. Zak Crawley was the star of the show, scoring a magnificent 189.

    His innings was marked by aggressive stroke play, what has been touted as Bazball since the appointment of Brendon McCullum as the Test head coach in 2022. He was well supported by the rest of the English batting line-up – Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, and Joe Root who made valuable contributions to help England amass such a huge total.

    Jonny Bairstow starred on Day 3 of the Test match, hitting a rapid 99* silencing his critics over his poor form in the series. As England took to the field for their second innings, they were buoyed by their commanding position in the match. The bowlers started off brilliantly, taking four early Australian wickets and putting the visitors on the back foot.

    However, Marnus Labuschagne stood tall amidst the ruins, scoring a gritty century to keep Australia in the game. His innings was marked by patience and resilience, as he weathered the English bowling attack and kept the scoreboard ticking. However, the final day of the match was marred by incessant rain, which washed out any chances of a result.

    England, needing five wickets to win, were left frustrated as the weather played spoilsport. Despite the draw, there were several positives for England to take from the match, including their dominant batting performance and the effectiveness of their bowlers. Australia, on the other hand, would be relieved to have escaped with a draw, thanks largely to Labuschagne’s century.

    They would also be pleased to have retained the Ashes, despite the challenging conditions and a spirited performance from England. Edited By: Kingshuk Kusari Published On: Jul 23, 2023 : Australia retain Ashes with 4th Test draw after rain plays spoilsport on final day at Manchester

    Is Test match only 4 days?

    Playing time – A standard day of Test cricket consists of three sessions of two hours each, the break between sessions being 40 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for tea. However, the times of sessions and intervals may be altered in certain circumstances: if bad weather or a change of innings occurs close to a scheduled break, the break may be taken immediately; if there has been a loss of playing time, for example because of bad weather, the session times may be adjusted to make up the lost time; if the batting side is nine wickets down at the scheduled tea break, then the interval may be delayed until either 30 minutes has elapsed or the team is all out ; the final session may be extended by up to 30 minutes if 90 or more overs have not been bowled in that day’s play (subject to any reduction for adverse weather); the final session may be extended by 30 minutes (except on the 5th day) if the umpires believe the result can be decided within that time.

    1. Today, Test matches are scheduled to be played across five consecutive days.
    2. However, in the early days of Test cricket, matches were played for three or four days.
    3. England hosted Ireland at Lord’s on 1st June 2023 for a four-day test.
    4. Four-day Test matches were last played in 1973, between New Zealand and Pakistan,

    Until the 1980s, it was usual to include a ‘rest day,’ often a Sunday. There have also been ‘ Timeless Tests ‘, which have no predetermined maximum time. In 2005, Australia played a match scheduled for six days against a World XI, which the ICC sanctioned as an official Test match, though the match reached a conclusion on the fourth day.

    1. In October 2017, the ICC approved a request for a four-day Test match, between South Africa and Zimbabwe, which started on 26 December 2017 and ended on the second day, 27 December.
    2. The ICC trialed the four-day Test format until the 2019 Cricket World Cup,
    3. In December 2019, Cricket Australia were considering playing four-day Tests, subject to consensus with other Test nations.

    Later the same month, the ICC considered the possibility of making four-day Test matches mandatory for the ICC World Test Championship from 2023. There have been attempts by the ICC, the sport’s governing body, to introduce day-night Test matches. In 2012, the International Cricket Council passed playing conditions that allowed for the staging of day-night Test matches.

    Is Test match ever tied?

    Tied Test Score equality in the longest international cricket matches A Tied Test is a match in which the side batting second is bowled out in the fourth, with scores level. This is a very rare result; only two have occurred in the 2,494 Tests played since 1877.

    • The first was in 1960 and the second in 1986.
    • On both occasions, the aggregate scores of both sides (teams) were equal at the conclusion of play and the side batting last had its final innings: 10 batsmen had been dismissed or, from the perspective of the side bowling, 10 wickets had been taken.
    • In other words, after four completed innings, with each innings ending either by a declaration or 10 wickets having fallen, the runs for both teams were exactly the same.

    In cricket, a tie is distinct from a, a much more common result in Tests, which occurs when play concludes without victory by either team (except where a Test has been formally abandoned). Both tied Tests involved the, Both ended in the last possible over of play on the last day with a ball to spare, meaning that within the space of several minutes were possible: a win for the batting side, a win for the fielding side, a draw or,

    Is Pakistan stronger than India in cricket?

    Notes –

    1. ^ The Imperial Cricket Conference was renamed the International Cricket Conference in 1965 and later became the International Cricket Council. It organises international cricket across the globe.
    2. ^ Full Member status grants the member the right to play in Test matches.
    3. ^ The Indian cricket team had been awarded Full Member status in 1926 and prior to Partition had represented the whole of British India,
    4. ^ The 2011 Cricket World Cup was hosted by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
    5. ^ The 2007 T20 World Cup match between the teams ended in a tie. India were awarded the points after a bowl-out, The official match result is recorded as a tie.
    6. ^ One Test match between the two sides was cancelled following the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.
    7. ^ In addition, four matches between the two sides have been abandoned without a ball being bowled and one match in 1984 was cancelled following the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
    8. ^ Jump up to: a b The 1987 Asia Cup match was abandoned after nine overs due to bad light and rain. It was due to be replayed the following day but this match was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain.
    9. ^ Jump up to: a b c d One additional match was played in February 1999 as part of the Asian Test Championship, Pakistan won this match
    10. ^ One other match was played as part of the Asian Test Championship immediately after the second Test of the tour. Pakistan won this match. The Championship has only been played twice. On the second occasion India withdrew due to political tensions with Pakistan.
    11. ^ In cricket a series is a set number of matches played between two sides over a relatively short period of time. The two sides have also met in a number of other competitions featuring other teams, including ICC competitions and a number of one-off series of matches.

    Why India is so good at cricket?

    Why Cricket is so Popular in India and the Famous Indian Cricketers Cricket is the most popular sport in India and some would even see it as a religion in the country instead of a sport. When there’s a big cricket match, everybody will seem to stop what they’re doing and just focus on the game.

    • You’ll also see many children play gully cricket on the streets.
    • It’s simply something that unites the Indians like nothing else in the world.
    • There are just many reasons why Indians love and enjoy cricket so much, and here are some of those.
    • Simplicity Cricket, in nature, is just really a simple sport.

    It can be played with at least two players with a bat and a ball. It doesn’t even require a wide space. It can be played even in the most congested streets, and with this, people just don’t get to watch it. They can actually immerse themselves in it. Infrastructure Aside from the fact that cricket can be played almost anywhere, India just really has many cricket coaching centers where kids and even adults could practice.

    1. Almost every state or territory in India has at least one big cricket stadium.
    2. This is very different from how other sports are doing in India.
    3. There are only a few accredited stadiums and astroturfs in India.
    4. The infrastructures present in the country that concern cricket just really helps promote and widen the following of this sport in India.

    Indian’s physical attributes Sports like football, hockey, basketball, and tennis usually require significant physical strength, height, and fitness which is not that present in the most population of India. That’s just how genetics are when it comes to the people of this country and that’s why most sports can be tough to play.

    • For cricket, Indians have the strength and physical fitness or attributes that allow the, to play this sport competitively.
    • Money The popularity of cricket in India simply means that it could easily be translated into money.
    • There are many ways that Indians can gain money or extra income from this sport.

    They could be a cricketer themselves or flock to wager on their favorite teams or athletes. Cricketers in India are definitely well-paid. It’s noticeable that they have a better lifestyle and can afford many things that other sports athletes can’t. This is why most people who consider turning a sport into a professional career would usually prefer cricket.

    Famous cricketers Many Indians are also inspired by world-class cricketers. India surely has produced plenty of world-class cricket athletes and they can’t be taken lightly. This is just one of the main reasons why many Indians aspire to be part of the cricket scene. They are inspired by these athletes and also dream to compete outside the country.

    Famous Cricketers in India Speaking of cricketers, here are some of them who made it big in the industry. Surely, many Indian cricket fanatics have something great to say about them, Sachin Tendulkar Sachin is also known as the He might even be the most famous Indian cricketer out there.

    He started playing cricket at 16 and he was even already competing internationally during this time. His cricket reign lasted for more than two decades. He was even awarded the highest recognition that a civilian could get, and that is the Bharat Ratna. Sunil Gavaskar Sunil is one of the most popular and highest-ranking opening batsmen from India.

    His technique against fast bowlers is what made him extremely popular. His average when it comes to batting is over 65 and this was against the West Indies. Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj is known as an all-rounder and destructive when it comes to being a batsman.

    He has always been part of the middle-order Indian batting line-up. He was part of many victories that India has when it comes to cricket international competitions. He was even awarded the Arjuna by the Government because of this. Saurav Ganguly Saurav is also known as the Dada or Daddy of Indian cricket.

    He is one of the most successful cricket captains out there. What he really is known for is his long sixes. Many victory records also hold his name. India’s government has conferred him with the Padma Shri. Virat Kohli Virat is now known as a rising star in the cricket industry.

    He is also known for his fast batting technique and he’s even the fastest batsman in the history of Indian Cricket. In 2013, he also received the Arjuna awards. India’s interest In cricket is definitely to the extremes and because of this, the country is producing cricketers with much potential. Up to this day, the love for cricket that Indians have remains the same.

    : Why Cricket is so Popular in India and the Famous Indian Cricketers

    Who is more powerful India or Australia?

    Australia ranks 15th among the most powerful countries in the world, It is ahead of Turkey, India, Italy, and Iraq, as well as a number of other countries, including Singapore, Sweden, Pakistan, Spain, and Qatar, etc., according to a ranking. The US, Russia, and China ranked first, second and third, respectively.

    The countries with the least influence in the world include Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, and Estonia. However, Australia is behind such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Iran, Switzerland, and others. There was no change this year in the top nine countries seen as being the most powerful, the publication says.

    The top 10 also includes Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The Power sub ranking is based on an equally weighted average of scores from five country attributes that related to a country’s power: a leader, economically influential, politically influential, strong international alliances and strong military. Top 20 most powerful countries on earth

    United States Russia China Germany United Kingdom France Japan Israel Saudi Arabia South Korea United Arab Emirates Canada Iran Switzerland Australia Turkey India Italy Iraq Singapore

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