Jee Main Paper 2 Result 2023

When will JEE Main paper 2 Result be Declared 2023? JEE Main Paper 2 Result 2023 Session 2 is out on May 25, 2023. Candidates can check their JEE Main B. Arch result online on the official website, 2023 or, using their application number and DOB.

What is the use of JEE Paper 2?

Every year, JEE (Joint Entrance Exams) Mains are conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) to provide eligible aspirants with admissions in various courses like B.Tech.B.Arch., B.Plan & B.E. The successful candidates in the JEE Main can secure admission into the prestigious engineering colleges in the country, including NITs, IIITs, Government Funded Technical Institutes, and CFTIs, etc. To crack the exam with good marks, understanding the JEE Main exam pattern is significant. This article contains all the details of the JEE Main 2023 exam pattern, Keep reading to know:

What is the best score for JEE?

What is the significance of a good score in the JEE Mains? – As mentioned before the degree whether a score is considered good or not highly depends on the college you wish to get admitted to. If you are satisfied with getting admission to a decent private engineering college then a score of 180 or more is considered good in such a case.

But if you are among those who wish to sit in the JEE Advanced exam then scoring high is important. Only the top qualifiers of JEE Mains that count around 2,50,000 are able to appear for the JEE Advanced exam. A score of 250 or higher is regarded as a good score and therefore a percentile between 85-95 is enough to get a seat in the NITs or IITs through this exam.

Although to be able to secure a place in the NITs or IITs you need to be in the top 15,000 to 20,000 ranks. The qualifying marks for the JEE Advanced were high the previous year. The table given below will give you an idea of the JEE Mains rank and percentile range.

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JEE Main Percentile 2022 JEE Main Rank 2022
100 to 99.99989145 1 to 20
99.994681 to 99.997394 80 to 24
99.990990 to 99.994029 83 to 55
99.977205 to 99.988819 210 to 85
99.960163 to 99.975034 367 to 215
99.934980 to 99.956364 599 to 375
99.901113 to 99.928901 911 to 610
99.851616 to 99.893732 1367 to 920
99.795063 to 99.845212 1888 to 1375
99.710831 to 99.782472 2664 to 1900
99.597399 to 99.688579 3710 to 2700
99.456939 to 99.573193 5003 to 3800
99.272084 to 99.431214 6706 to 5100
99.028614 to 99.239737 8949 to 6800
98.732389 to 98.990296 11678 to 9000
98.317414 to 98.666935 15501 to 11800
97.811260 to 98.254132 20164 to 15700
97.142937 to 97.685672 26321 to 20500
96.204550 to 96.978272 34966 to 26500
94.998594 to 96.064850 46076 to 35000
93.471231 to 94.749479 60147 to 46500
91.072128 to 93.152971 82249 to 61000
87.512225 to 90.702200 115045 to 83000
82.016062 to 86.907944 165679 to 117000
73.287808 to 80.982153 246089 to 166000
58.151490 to 71.302052 385534 to 264383


JEE Main Marks 2022 JEE Main Rank 2022 >120 35000< 120 – 149 15000 – 35000 150 -180 9500 – 15000 180 – 199 6000 – 9500 200 – 219 3500 – 6000 220 – 239 1500 – 3500 240 – 249 1000 – 1500 250 – 260 500 – 1000 260 – 275 200 – 500 275 – 285 100 – 200 285–300 <100

Is short notes important for JEE mains?

Making short notes helps a lot during revision just before the exam. This is usually very helpful when you don’t have the time to read the entire book.

Which is the hardest paper of IIT?

The toughest IIT JEE paper ever was JEE Advanced 2016 as per the analysis of candidates’ JEE Paper reviews.

Which is the world’s toughest exam IIT?

Is JEE the most toughest examination in the world – The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. Because it is the gateway to the prestigious top engineering colleges in India. The exam is known for its challenging questions, the broad scope of material covered, and time constraints.

The competition for spots in IITs is fierce, with thousands of students from across the country competing for limited seats. The pressure of the exam and the competition can make it very challenging for students. However, whether the JEE is truly the toughest exam in India is a matter of debate. Different exams have different difficulty levels, and what may be tough for one person may not be tough for another.

Other exams, such as the International Mathematical Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad. Also, International Chemistry Olympiad and other national and international level entrance exams. They all have different levels of difficulty and require different types of preparation.

  • In conclusion, while the JEE is considered one of the toughest exams in India, it is ultimately subjective.
  • Also, it depends on the student’s perspective and preparation.
  • Students need to understand the exam, the format, and the syllabus and to prepare accordingly to increase their chances of success.
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Also, check for IIT jee pyq,

Which is the most easy subject in IIT?

Key takeaways from the analysis of paper I –

Among the three subjects, Chemistry is the easiest subject to score high marks. Mathematics was the most difficult, while Physics was sandwiched between the two. Being the easiest subject, no candidate should neglect Chemistry as it will otherwise severely limit the chances of scoring a good rank in JEE Main exam. As Chemistry is considered one of the easiest or most scoring subjects, students cannot ignore the importance of this subject. The other two subjects also have a meaningful contribution to the total score for the candidate to get a good rank. When making a study schedule for the JEE, the candidate needs to consider the scoring potential for each paper. For example, a candidate who is good in Mathematics should also try to accommodate Chemistry and Physics as well. This way the scoring opportunities of the candidate will go up. Conversely, a candidate who is at home with Chemistry may need to put in a little bit more effort to get a score even higher.

Which subject is most tough in IIT?

Conclusion – Despite its reputation as a difficult JEE subject, there are several strategies that students can use to improve their understanding and performance in mathematics. Firstly, it is essential to have a strong foundation in the concepts and principles covered in the syllabus.

  1. This can be achieved through consistent study and practice.
  2. One should learn all the jee topics 2023 properly.
  3. Furthermore, seeking help from teachers, peers, or online resources can be beneficial for addressing specific areas of difficulty.
  4. Additionally, maintaining focus and perseverance is important to developing a positive attitude and staying motivated.
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In conclusion, mathematics is considered the most challenging subject in JEE due to its vast syllabus, complex problem-solving requirements, and the need for consistent practice and effort. However, with the right approach and strategies, students can successfully overcome the challenges and excel in the examination.

Which is the easiest shift in january 2023?

Which was the easiest shift in the JEE Main January 2023 Session 1? – Compared to the previous year’s exams the JEE Main Session 1 2023 received a moderate rating. In most of the shifts the physics and chemistry section was between easy to moderate, while math was lengthy and difficult in a few shifts, Below candidate can check the easiest shift in JEE Main January 2023 session 1: –

Date and Shift Overall Question Paper rating
24th January 2023- Shift 1 1.43 (Easy)
29th January 2023- Shift 1 1.58
24th January 2023- Shift 2 1.61

Also read| Day 1 shift 1 was the easiest shift among all the shifts of JEE Main January 2023 Exam. It has been a trend for the past few years that the first-day shift is easy compared to other day shifts. Next 29th January 2023 shift 1 was easy followed by 29th January 2023- Shift 1.

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