Life Certificate For Pensioners Last Date 2023

What is the last date for AP Life Certificate for pensioners 2023?

Submission of Annual Life Certificate by 20th March, 2023 : SPARSH Important Notice.

How can I submit my life certificate for Tamil Nadu pensioners online?

How to submit life certificate through India Post Payments Bank – The “Doorstep Service for Submission of Digital Life Certificate by Postman” initiative, created by the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) of the Department of Posts and Meity, was successfully introduced by the Department of Pension & Pensiöners’ Welfare. 4 / 7

How can I apply for pension online in India?

All Central Government Pensioners and All India Services (AIS) Pensioners wanting to register under ‘SANKALP’ may do so by logging in to and selecting ‘SANKALP’, Pensioners are required to fill up the Registration Form online and send a self-certified copy of Pension Payment Order (PPO) to Dy.

Secy (PP), D/o Pension. and Pensioners Welfare, 3rd Floor, Loknayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi-110003. However, All India Services (AIS) Pensioners may send the self-certified copy of Pension Payment Order (PPO) through the Nodal Officer of the concerned State, Pensioners are requested to ensure that they fill up all options (like: where they would like to work etc.) after careful consideration as any change subsequently would cause all round inconvenience.

Click here to view Nodal Officers for varifying AIS pensioners registering under ‘SANKALP’

What is the last date for AP Govt pensioners life certificate?

Pensioners Life Certificate to be submitted from 1.1.2022 to 28.02.2022 | APTEACHERS Website.

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How do I submit my life certificate to AP pensioners?

How to submit life certificate through India Post Payments Bank – The “Doorstep Service for Submission of Digital Life Certificate by Postman” initiative, created by the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) of the Department of Posts and Meity, was successfully introduced by the Department of Pension & Pensiöners’ Welfare. 4 / 7

Where to submit life certificate for pensioners in Chennai?

CHENNAI: In a hassle free way, pensioners in the city can now submit their digital life certificates through the Jeevan Pramaan app from July 1 to September 30. This comes as a major relief to senior citizens who may now not have to travel outside during Covid-19.

The city corporation in a statement said the pensioners can get this done at a cost of ₹70 as service charge. Pensioners can visit to get the certificate. This should be submitted at the Jeevan Pramaan app. With rising Covid-19 cases, officials urged senior citizens to use the digital form process and renew their life certificates.

If pensioners require any help to file it online, they can also reach out to the nearest e-seva centre or the zonal offices. For the past two years, pensioners were exempted from submitting their annual life certificates due to Covid-19.

Can a foreigner get pension in India?

Does Indian pension continue to be paid if pensioner acquires foreign citizenship? The pensioner is a lady, the pension is her only source of income and the pension amount is below annual threshold of Rs 1.90 lakh. What is position of Indian taxes payable in a situation where the pensioner is NRI and in the process of acquiring foreign citizenship? — Meena Raj cre_Trending Yes, pension will continue to be paid irrespective of change in citizenship.

  1. Take care that the pensioner redesignates her resident savings account to NRO.
  2. Once this is done, the pension may be credited to the NRO account.
  3. Indian tax is payable only if the total taxable income is above the basic exemption limit of Rs 1.60 lakh for general taxpayers, Rs 1.90 lakh for ladies and Rs 2.40 lakh for senior citizens.
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However, the enhanced limits are only applicable to Indian residents and not to NRIs. If the lady drawing the pension is NRI, then the general limit of Rs 1.60 lakh will be applicable to her and hence the extra amount of Rs 30,000 will be subjected to tax.

Also, a tax return needs to be filed. Recently I came across some communication from my bank in India informing me about a changed law related to repatriation and remittance from India. It was mentioned that some form has to be uploaded by the customer (me) online etc. The language was too technical and I could not follow much of this jargon.

Could you throw some light on what has changed and how it affects any remittancess I may need to make in the future? — PK Vora The procedure for the remittance process has been modified from July 2009 as follows. First, you would need to provide the bank with a certificate from an Indian Chartered Accountant.

  • This certificate is to be provided in prescribed Form 15CB.
  • You would also need to fill out Form 15CA.
  • This Form 15CA also known as the ‘undertaking’ requires the remitter to furnish certain specified details (like name of the bank to which the money is to be credited, etc) regarding the proposed remittance.

The information to be furnished in Form 15CA is to be filled using the information contained in Form 15CB (certificate). Form 15CA has to be then uploaded on The remitter will then take a print out of this filled up Form 15CA (which will bear an acknowledgement number generated by the system) and sign it.

The duly signed Form 15CA (undertaking) and Form 15CB (certificate), has to be submitted to the bank who will in turn forward a copy the certificate and undertaking to the Assessing Officer concerned. Once this is done, the funds may be remitted abroad. Please note that though the procedure seems complicated at first glance, it basically amounts to filling out of two forms, one of which will be done by the chartered accountant concerned.

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The other one has to be filled online and then printed out with the system generated acknowledgement number. Submission of both these documents is all that is needed to effect the remittance. The writer is director, Wonderland Consultants a tax and financial planning firm.

How do I find my AP pensioners details?

How can pensioners check their AP Pension Slip? Pensioners can check their pay slip by visiting the office of the Pension Payment Officer (PPO) or by checking the government treasury website where the pay slips are uploaded.

Which RD service is in Jeevan Pramaan?

What is RD service in Jeevan Pramaan? – It is a device service that allows people to complete the registration of devices without any sort of data being stored on the device itself. It gives each device a device identification clue through which authorities can trace and secure analytics.

Via the RD system, people register their devices with UIDAI (Aadhaar) in a safe manner. Jeevan Pramaan RD service full form is Registered Device (RD) Service. The service forms a provider key for security( PID) during biometric capture. This means that all the biometric data stored after signing in gets encrypted.

This is why the process of getting a Jeevan pramaan is streamlined. The RD mechanism is employed on the mobile application as well. Pensioners can access the biometric-enabled website without worry of fraud. Any device which has been registered with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) gets the public biometric device converted into RD service for Jeevan Pramaan.

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