Mns Application Form 2023 Release Date

Military Nursing Service Exam 2023 Test Centres : – The candidates are required to choose the examination centre from the list of centres provided while filling out the online application form. Allotment of centres will be on a “first apply-first allot” basis.

General English Synonyms/ Homonyms. Antonyms. Spot the error. Fill in the blanks. Spellings. Detecting Mis-spelt words. Idioms and phrases. One-word substitutions. Shuffling of sentence parts. Shuffling of Sentences in a passage. Improvement. Cloze passage. Comprehension passage.
Biology Taxonomy. Cell and Molecular Biology. Reproduction. Genetics and evolution. Human health and diseases. Biochemistry. Plant physiology. Human physiology. Biotechnology and its applications. Biodiversity, ecology, and environment.
Physics Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power. Properties of Matter. Electrostatics. Current Electricity. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current. Optics. Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics. Nuclear Physics. Semiconductor Devices and their Applications.
Chemistry Atomic Structure. p,d, and f – Block Elements. Coordination Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry. Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Chemical Kinetics. Electrochemistry. Isomerism in Organic Compounds. Alcohols and Ethers. Carbonyl Compounds. Carboxylic Acids and their derivatives. Organic Nitrogen Compounds and Biomolecules.
General Intelligence General Studies. Current Affairs. Number Series. Observation. Judgment. Space Visualization. Decision Making. Problem-Solving. Similarities and Differences. Figure Classification. Visual Memory. Relationship Concepts. Non-Verbal Series. Arithmetical Computation. Analytical Functions etc.

Military Nursing Service Exam 2023 How To Apply: (a) Interested candidates (FEMALES ONLY) may register through which will be accessible from May 2023. The candidates will be able to register ONLINE by providing their name, mobile number, email id, and other details.

The scanned copy of the required documents also needs to be uploaded in the prescribed size and format. The candidate’s email id is the user id for this website and the candidate will select her own password. Candidates must remember their username and password for all future correspondence. Candidates are requested to make corrections to the filled application form using the EDIT menu and ensure all corrections are made before final submission.

No modification in the application will be possible after clicking the SUBMIT button. (b) All candidates (except SC/ST) will have to pay a sum of Rs 200/- only as an application processing fee through the ONLINE payment gateway. There is no application fee for SC/ST candidates.

SC/ST candidates have to upload documentary proof. On successful completion of online payment, a bank reference number (DU Number) will be generated for the future correspondence of all candidates (except SC/ST) and a confirmation page will be displayed. (c) Candidates may take a printout of the duly filled application for further reference along with the payment confirmation page.

(d) Once the process is complete candidates are provided with a provisional registration number (reference number). This number will be sent to the registered email id and phone number. (e) The notification to upload the NEET (UG) -2023 score will be published at Military Nursing Service Exam 2023 Important Instructions:- (i) it is the individual responsibility to ensure the successful payment of the application fee. Receipt of the DU number is not the criteria for successful payment; therefore candidates are requested (o make sure that the application fee is debited from the bank account for successful payment.

(ii) Candidates must take the printout of the payment receipt and read it carefully before the final submission of the online application form. (iii) Candidates must ensure the correctness of information during the online application /form filling. Candidates must understand that any attempt to willfully conceal or misrepresent the facts will lead to disqualification of candidature at any stage of the selection process.

(iv) it is the individual responsibility of the candidate to check for updates at, upload NEET (UG) 2023 score, download the admit card for an interview, and check SMS and email regularly on your registered mobile number and email id.

(v) The aforesaid conditions are subject to modification if deemed necessary. (vi) No correspondence will be entertained from the candidates with regard to either the receipt of applications/ status of applications/ details or reasons for rejected applications. (vii) Hard copy of the application will not be accepted.

(viii) Reasons for rejection of online application are incomplete application, submission qf more than one application, and nonpayment of application processing fee. (ix) Registration for online applications will open from May 2023 on Q.1.

Who can apply for MNS 2023? Candidates must have passed on the first attempt, Senior Secondary Examination (10+2) or equivalent (12 Years schooling) examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany & Zoology), and English with not less than 50% aggregate marks as a regular student from a Statutory/ Recognized Board/ University/ Examination Body.

Candidates who will be appearing for the final year of the qualifying examination during the current academic session may also apply provisionally. can apply for MNS 2022 exam. Q2. What is the syllabus of the MNS exam? The written examination comprises an objective type Online Computer Based Examination of 80 marks covering General Intelligence and General English (ToGIGE).

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What is the full form of MNS in army?

20,000+ students realised their study abroad dream with us. Take the first step today – Verification Code An OTP has been sent to your registered mobile no. Please verify Resend OTP The full form of MNS is Military Nursing Service. Joining the Indian Military Nursing Service (MNS) is one of the best possible choices for people considering a career in nursing after completing their +2 (12th standard).

When was MNS started in India?

First World War – The Military Nursing Service has its origin in the Army Nursing Service formed in 1888 as part of the, The force went through many changes in its years of existence. In 1893, it was designated as Indian Army Nursing Service. The force went through further changes in 1902, when the Indian Nursing Service and the Army Nursing Service were combined and on 27 March 1902, it was redesignated to Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service.

At the outbreak of the World War in 1914 there were just fewer than 300 nurses in the QAIMNS, by the end of the war this had raised to 10,404. The Army nurses served in Flanders, the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East and onboard hospital ships. Of the 200 plus army nurses died on active service, many were Indians.

After, the war on 1 October 1926, the Nursing Services was made a permanent part of British Indian Army. This date is now being celebrated as the Corps day of Military Nursing Service, though in actual its origins occurred 45 five years before (many Corps of the Army) the Army Medical Corps also traces its origin to more than hundreds of years back in the similar way, though it was constituted in the present form in 1948.

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Which academy is best for MNS?

MNS Foundation Course for 11th & 12th | Best MNS Foundation Coaching Centurion Defence Academy has come up with the MNS Foundation course to help aspirants prepare for the Military Nursing Service – MNS Exam right after the 10th class. In this MNS foundation course, our experts will guide you with your 11th and 12th Board exam preparation as well as MNS exam preparation.

Along with mentoring you in preparation for your board exams, the Centurion Defence Academy, Best MNS Foundation Coaching also ensures your success in the MNS exam in your very first attempt. MNS Exam is a wonderful career opportunity for female aspirants who want to join the Indian Armed Forces. The MNS exam is quite competitive and thus it requires holistic preparation under the right mentorship.

A strategic preparation following the latest syllabus and exam pattern at a very initial stage forms the strong foundation to help aspirants crack the MNS exam successfully. Centurion Defence Academy known as a is designed MNS Foundation course in close resemblance with the MNS syllabus to help aspirants secure their seats in Armed Forces Medical Colleges.

– Ensuring strong coverage of all the subjects, namely English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, GK, Reasoning + MNS guidance subjects right from your 11th class to develop a fundamental understanding of core areas of preparation.– Personality Development and Spoken English will be taken care of by our experts who will also guide you for the interview.– Complete study material and weekly test practices and smart classroom programs with vaccinated staff and a covid help desk to ensure your safety is what makes Centurion your best option to prepare for the MNS exam.– The MNS foundation course is valid till the next four attempts of the MNS exam including the comprehensive preparation of 11th & 12th Board examination.– Additionally, the Academy also provides schooling facilities for 11th & 12th class from a CBSE Board school if required. For this facility, the school fee shall be charged extra.– MNS aspirants from outside Lucknow can stay at Centurion’s Safe Hostel with a proper 3-time Food and Mess facility.– The Academy also ensures an uninterrupted education amid the Covid-19 pandemic by following the precautionary measures to curtail the virus.

Interested candidates can contact us on +91 9795977776 for detailed information regarding the MNS Foundation Course.

What is the ranking system in MNS?

Florence Nightingales of the Indian army Happened on 27th August 1976 The Indian Military Nursing Services (IMNS) was first set up in 1888 under British colonial rule. The Indian Military Nursing Services (IMNS) was first set up in 1888 under British colonial rule. The only all-women corps of the Indian armed forces, the nurses by nature of its creation were required to fight in times of war and battles if the situation demanded.

The nurses valiantly fought in both World War I and World War II. Many were killed on board hospital ships, taken as Prisoner of War, and died on active service. In 1943, the IMNS officially became a part of the Indian Army. The military nurses were granted regular commissions, and were treated at par with officers of the regular army in every respect; salutes, uniform, privileges, entitlements, retirement benefits, and accommodations.

With the Army Act of 1950, the ranks of the Military nurses were changed from Sister to Lieutenant and from Chief Principal Matron to Colonel. On this day in 1976, Gertude Alice Ram became the first woman Major General of the Indian Army attaining a two-star rank.

  1. The ranks in the Military Nursing Services range from (lowest to highest)- lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, Major General.
  2. Alice Ram was appointed as the director of the Military Nursing Services.
  3. The promotion of Alice Ram placed India in the list of countries that had promoted women to a flag rank, only behind the United States and France.

This was a remarkable feat for a third-world country. While India was quick to escalate the graph of gender equality in the Military Nursing Services of the Indian Armed Forces, it displayed stagnancy thereafter. Traces of discrimination were however visible from 1996 in subtle ways.

The weapons and arms training for the military nurses were discontinued even though as per the Act, they were still required to participate on the ground if a war was to take place. Military nurses from India have served in several conflict zones in Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

Within the country as well, the nurses have played an integral role in Jammu and Kashmir and the North East especially. During the Kargil war, they were posted 2 kilometres from the Line of Control. In Assam and the North-East, they have been posted in counter-insurgency and disturbed areas under AFSPA.

  • In a petition from Lieutenant Colonel Uma Kaushik and Captain Harpreet Kaur of the MNS to the Supreme Court, the officers challenged the discriminatory practices being carried out against this noble service.
  • In 2000, uniforms were changed from the olive green coloured shirt and pants to a safari-style beige coloured uniform.

Since 2003, as per orders from Senior officers, salutes by officers of the junior rank to the MNS officers were stopped. In 2005, officers in the rank of Brigadier and Major General were stripped of the privilege to display star plates and flying flags on their official vehicles, allegedly by an order by the Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS).

  1. The MNS has also been accused of gender discriminatory practices, the only difference being it is the other way around.
  2. Since it is an all-women corps, male nurses are not allowed to provide their services.
  3. Several petitions have been made at the courts of law to remove all kinds of inequality.
  4. While the instance of discrimination on the basis of gender is peculiar in the case of MNS, across the other services, it is of the general type, where men are favoured over women in the armed forces.

A recent example is the Parliamentary Debate of 2020 that discussed the possibility of admitting women in command roles. It was argued that women in commanding posts was not plausible since the majority of males in the rank and files hailed from a predominantly rural background and were “not yet mentally schooled to accept women in command of units.” Thankfully good judgement prevailed and the Supreme Court held otherwise.

  1. It stated that a change of mindset was required with changing times and it is only fair to give women a fighting opportunity.
  2. The judgement delivered stated that women in the armed forces would be eligible for commanding roles and also permanent commission.
  3. In essence, it meant that a woman in the army could now rise to the ranks of colonel on the basis of merit like their male counterparts.
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This was certainly a headway in the right direction but there is scope for more. While the Indian Air Force and Navy have made progress, a woman officer in the Army can still not be inducted into the combat roles such as infantry, artillery, or armoured corps.

What is the highest salary of MNS?

The highest-paying job at Military Nursing Service is a Nursing Officer with a salary of ₹7.9 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹15.29 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹22.20 lakhs per year. What is the minimum salary in Military Nursing Service?

What is the role of MNS in India?

Job Role Of MNS – How Is It Different From Doctors MNS stands for Military Nursing services. It is a golden opportunity for every women candidate dreaming of a future in nursing field. It is a bit different job as compare to basic nursing jobs as it involves military in itself.

  • Students often get confused over the job roles of MNS candidates and misunderstood it with job of a Doctor.
  • In this article we will try to clarify the difference in job roles of a military doctor and MNS i.e.
  • Nursing candidate.
  • As the name suggests MNS i.e.
  • Military Nursing Services is a commissioned level entry for women in Indian Armed forces as a Nurse in various Military Hospitals.


Military nurses have a number of the same responsibilities as traditional nurses. However, they are not only educated in basic nursing skills, but they’re also trained on how to work with military patients and how to work in a military environment. It’s not uncommon for military nurses to work right alongside military personnel in war zones. One of the most dangerous and difficult aspects of a military nursing career is caring for deployed members of the military during wartime. This often includes treating severe life-threatening injuries, such as gunshot wounds or lost limbs. Because of the severity of the injuries that they may encounter as well as the volatile work environment, military nurses must be able to keep a cool head under pressure. Life saving skills is also essential skills to have if you’re looking to pursue a military nursing career. They may also treat patients suffering from common medical problems, ranging from the common cold to a sprained ankle to cancer.

From the above job roles you might have get the idea that what a military nurse basically do. If you have the idea about the difference between a doctor and a nurse you’ll completely understand the difference between a military nurse and doctor. The doctors are there to treat the patients and whereas the Nurses have the job take care of those patients and help the doctors to cure them.

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: Job Role Of MNS – How Is It Different From Doctors

What is the salary of MNS officer in India per month?

Salary Structure

Conducting Body DGMS (Directorate General of Military Service)
The MNS Salary During Training 8000 Rs
Basic Pay of the MNS BSc Nursing Salary 15,600 Rs
Grade Pay of the MNS BSc Nursing Salary 5,400 Rs
Military Service 4,200 Rs

What is the salary of MNS nurse in India per month?

MNS BSc Nursing: Salary Structure

Conducting Body DGMS (Directorate General of Military Service)
The Minimum Salary of a Military Nurse in India 10,000 to 15, 000 Rs
The Maximum Salary of a Military Nurse in India 15,000 to 22,000 Rs

How many MNS colleges are there in India?

MNS Exam Notification 2023 – Military Nursing Service Exam 2023 is a national-level entrance exam conducted by DGMS (Directorate General of Medical Services) to offer admissions to BSc Nursing Army is a 4-year degree program offered in the field of Nursing.

  • There are only 220 seats available for admission in the six Military Nursing colleges located in Kolkata, Pune, Asvini, Lucknow, Bengaluru, and New Delhi.
  • This exam is held for providing admission to only female candidates.
  • Therefore only female candidates can apply for the MNS vacancy in 2023.
  • Armed Forces Medical College Pune will release the MNS 2023 Exam notification soon.

You can Check MNS Exam Date, Application Date & Form, Eligibility, Admit Card, Answer Key, and Result here in this article. To know more, Continue reading.

Exam Name Indian Army Military Nursing Service Course B.Sc. (Nursing) or BSc Nursing Army
Conducting Body Directorate General of Medical Services (Army)
Official Website
Exam Type National Level
Mode of Application Online
Exam Mode Online
Selection Process I- Written Test (Objective Type) Phase, II- Panel Interview, III- Medical Test, IV- Merit List
Tentative Vacancies Per Course 220 (once a year) or as notified from time to time
MNS Exam Notification (in Employment News/ leading daily news Paper/ IA website) Dec/Jan 2023
MNS 2023 Exam Conducted March / April 2023
MNS 2023 Result Date May / June 2023
MNS 2023 Interview Date July 2023
Application Fee Rs.750/-
Training Colleges Armed Forces Medical College, Pune Command Hospital (Eastern Command), Kolkata Indian Navy Hospital (INHS) Asvini, Mumbai Army Hospital Research and Referral, New Delhi Command Hospital (Central Command), LucknowCommand Hospital (Air Force), Bangalore
Reservation SC/ST Candidates – 15 Seats NCC ‘C’ Certificate Holders – 25

NOTE: If you are getting confused about your career, you can opt for our free session.

Which Academy has the highest selection rate in NDA?

Centurion Defence Academy is known to be the best NDA coaching institute in India due to its highest selection rate every year. The faculty at the Centurion coaching institute is highly experienced and includes ex-officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

What are the advantages of MNS?

HIGHLIGHTS Know all about How to Join the Indian Army MNS 2023 and the Benefits, given to an MNS Officer Check Eligibility, Syllabus to Prepare, and More. All Female Candidates seeking admission for Bsc Nursing at AFMS institutes should have qualified NEET Mandatorily Joining the Indian Military Nursing Service(MNS) is one of the best available options for those who are planning to pursue Nursing after +2 (12th Standard). The most important advantage of Military Nursing Service is the guaranteed service and financial security till retirement.

What is the Colour of MNS uniform?

NURSES IN THE OLIVE GREEN: WHAT NEXT? Dear Editor, Military Nursing Service (MNS) officers form one of the important components of paramedical staff in the Army Medical set up. Recently changes have been made in the routine working dress of the Nursing Officers from traditional white to olive green shirt and pant.

The exact cause of this change is not known, but the new pattern of dress seems to lack elegance and working comfort compared to traditional white. Most of the young nursing officers do not appear to be satisfied with the change. The olive green shirt and pant is not able to hide the disproportionate bulges in the obese persons and looks ugly on some of them.

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This has a detrimental effect on the typical charm of the Army uniform. Moreover, due to lack of adequate Army training their pattern of wearing the head gear is below the desired standards and their reluctance to salute senior officers, adversely affects the decorum of service.

  • The previous pattern of olive green one piece skirt was still better compared to the shirt and pant, as it could maintain their identity without affecting the rank.
  • Moreover, it looked more sober in obese persons.
  • With the present uniform, most of the patients find it difficult to differentiate between the lady medical officer and a nursing officer which may at times lead to embarrassing situations.

Though MNS offers best career opportunity for nurses in India, unfortunately, over the years, ‘nursing’ component of their nomenclature seems to be taking a back seat and more stress is being laid on the ‘officer’ component. They have started equating themselves with the medical officers and tend to exercise authority over the medical officers, especially the junior ones.

  1. Though status of the nursing officers has been clarified time and again, but an ambiguity remains.
  2. With the gradual change in attitudinal profile, a junior AMC officer may find it difficult to extract work out of a senior ranking MNS officer.
  3. There is a tendency to palm off routine nursing procedures like sponging, catheterisation etc and get it done through the less trained para medical staff.

In a survey of attitudinal profile of MNS officers, Goel et al also found more authoritarian attitude and a greater negative attitude towards authority, This seems to be an alarming trend. Disciplinary cases pertaining to the nursing officers (both reported and unreported) are on the rise and their immunity from most of the Army Acts/Rules adds to the problem.

All these factors may have a deteriorating effect on the image of the MNS. The role of Principal Matron and senior nursing officers in bigger hospitals also needs to be redefined. There is reluctance to do the basic job and thus causing a loss of technical manpower. The aim of this article should not be construed in a negative way.

The idea is to enrich the discussion on this important subject. Solicited response/comments from the editorial board/appropriate authorities will be appreciated.1. Goel DS, Kumari R, Saldanha D, Kaushik A, Gupta L. Attitudinal profile of Military Nursing Service Officers.

What is 3 star rank?

Lieutenant General – Lieutenant general, lieutenant-general and similar (abbrev Lt Gen, LTG and similar) is a three-star military rank (NATO code OF-8) used in many countries. The rank traces its origins to the Middle Ages, where the title of lieutenant general was held by the second in command on the battlefield, who was normally subordinate to a captain general. In modern armies, lieutenant general normally ranks immediately below general and above major general; it is equivalent to the navy rank of vice admiral, and in air forces with a separate rank structure, it is equivalent to air marshal

    What is the salary of AFMC doctor?

    Employees who graduate from Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) earn an average of ₹27lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹21lakhs per year to ₹50lakhs per year based on 111 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹45lakhs per year.

    What is the salary of nurse in Air Force in India?

    Nursing Officer salary in Indian Air Force ranges between ₹ 3.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.9 Lakhs per year.

    How do you rank applicants?

    What information helps determine where an applicant is ranked? An applicant is ranked based on their experience, qualifications, answers to the job screening questions designed to automatically disqualify applicants that don’t meet the minimum job qualifications, and your own interactions with them during interviews.

    What is rank in aggregate function?

    SQL Language Reference RANK calculates the rank of a value in a group of values. The return type is NUMBER, Rows with equal values for the ranking criteria receive the same rank. Oracle Database then adds the number of tied rows to the tied rank to calculate the next rank. Therefore, the ranks may not be consecutive numbers. This function is useful for top-N and bottom-N reporting.

      As an aggregate function, RANK calculates the rank of a hypothetical row identified by the arguments of the function with respect to a given sort specification. The arguments of the function must all evaluate to constant expressions within each aggregate group, because they identify a single row within each group. The constant argument expressions and the expressions in the ORDER BY clause of the aggregate match by position. Therefore, the number of arguments must be the same and their types must be compatible. As an analytic function, RANK computes the rank of each row returned from a query with respect to the other rows returned by the query, based on the values of the value_exprs in the order_by_clause,

    The following example calculates the rank of a hypothetical employee in the sample table hr.employees with a salary of $15,500 and a commission of 5%: SELECT RANK(15500,,05) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY salary, commission_pct) “Rank” FROM employees; Rank – 105 Similarly, the following query returns the rank for a $15,500 salary among the employee salaries: SELECT RANK(15500) WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY salary DESC) “Rank of 15500” FROM employees; Rank of 15500 – 4 The following statement ranks the employees in the sample hr schema in department 60 based on their salaries.

    What is rank computation?

    Article byHarsh Katara. The percentile rank formula gives the rank percentile of a given list. In normal calculations, we know the formula is R = p/100(n+1). However, in Excel, we use the RANK. EQ function with the COUNT function to calculate the rank percentile of a given list.

    What is the military rank concept?

    A poster showing the rank insignia of the officers of several armed forces at the time of the Second World War. Military ranks are a system of hierarchical relationships, within armed forces, police, intelligence agencies or other institutions organized along military lines.

    • The military rank system defines dominance, authority, and responsibility in a military hierarchy.
    • It incorporates the principles of exercising power and authority into the military chain of command —the succession of commanders superior to subordinates through which command is exercised.
    • The military chain of command constructs an important component for organized collective action.

    Uniforms denote the bearer’s rank by particular insignia affixed to the uniforms on a number of countries. Ranking systems have been known for most of military history to be advantageous for military operations, in particular with regards to logistics, command, and coordination.

    As time went on and military operations became larger and more complex, military ranks increased and the ranking systems themselves became more complex. Rank is not only used to designate leadership, but to establish pay-grade as well. As rank increases, pay-grade follows, but so does the amount of responsibility.

    Within modern armed forces, the use of ranks is almost universal. Communist states have sometimes abolished ranks (e.g., the Soviet Red Army 1918–1935, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army 1965–1988, and the Albanian People’s Army 1966–1991 ), but they have had to re-establish them after encountering operational difficulties in command and control,

Arjun Patel