New Mobile Launch 2023 In India With Price List

New Mobile Launch 2023 In India With Price List

Which phones will be launched in 2023?

4. OnePlus 11 Series – The OnePlus 11 Series is expected to be released in early 2023. The upcoming OnePlus 2023 Series will use Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 chipset. According to the rumors, the OnePlus 11 Series would have 6.7 inches display with AMOLED display. The RAM can be 16 GB, along with a 5000mAh battery.

Which mobile is best in 2023?

Our pick for the best phone overall is the Samsung Galaxy S23, thanks to its large display, long battery life, and 256GB of base storage. Check out all of our picks for the best phones of 2023 below, no matter your budget or your preferred phone manufacturer.

Will mobile prices decrease in India 2023?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday tabled the Budget 2023 today. – Union Budget 2023: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2023 today. Union Budget 2023: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday tabled the Budget 2023 today. Price of mobile phones will go down as Sitharaman announced a cut on customs duty.

What is the next Samsung a series 2023?

Latest A Series Models 2023 | A54 vs A34 vs A14 With the latest Samsung A series smartphones, you’ll find powerful performance, and a massive amount of awesomeness. From whopping amounts of to impressive infinity screens there’s so much to love in the new A54, A34 and A14 Galaxy smartphones. In this guide, we’ll explore the main differences between each of the models to help you decide which is just right for you.

  1. Four new smartphones joined the in 2023: the A54, A34, A14 5G and A14.
  2. Each phone boasts impressive next-gen specs that let you do more, for longer.
  3. With gorgeous design features and powerful software, you can effortlessly create eye-popping content, scroll through your socials and capture post-ready pics all day, every day.

Here’s what you can expect from each of the latest, The comes stacked with a load of awesome specs including a stunning 6.4″ Infinity-O display and a whopping 5,000mAh battery*. There are three high-quality rear cameras and an insta-worthy front 32MP selfie camera.

  • The 50MP main camera captures post-ready pics in stunning detail and OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) makes sure photos and videos stay blur-free.
  • There’s a 12MP ultra-wide camera to capture massive group shots, and for close-up detail, the 5MP macro lens has just what you need.
  • You can always rely on the Galaxy A54 5G to perform, and with an IP67** rating and Gorilla Glass 5 protection, rain showers, drink spills or dusty conditions can’t stop you from doing what you do best.

*Typical value based on testing under third-party lab conditions. Rated capacity is 4,860 mAh. **IP67 rated, submersion of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Not advisable for beach, pool use or soapy water. If you’re looking for a screen that does it all, the 6.6″ screen has your back. The boss-it-all display is perfect for streaming box sets, catching up on your socials and getting involved in action-packed gameplay. With the addition of a, you can also enjoy super smooth scrolling and lag-free gaming.

The FHD+ Infinity-U display also benefits from 1,000 nits of brightness which ensures you can still view and scroll the screen even in direct sunlight. When it comes to the cameras the triple camera set-up on the rear lets you capture close-up details, epic scale and everything in between. With a whopping 5,000mAh battery* and fast 25W charging**, you’re back in the action in no time.

Plus with 5G connectivity, you can game and stream without the need for WiFi. *Typical value based on testing under third-party lab conditions. Rated capacity is 4,860mAh. **25W Travel Adapter sold separately Throw off the shackles with the, The A14 5G is built for speed thanks to the Octa-core chip and the latest 5G connectivity; gameplay and streaming are super smooth thanks to this serious processing power. The 6.6″ FHD+ Infinity-V display ensures that nothing gets in your way, letting you experience all your favourite content in exceptional detail and true-to-life colour. Enjoy scrolling, streaming and gaming in glorious high definition with the, The 6.6″ FHD+ Infinity-V display combines with an Octa-core processor to achieve smooth gaming and easy streaming. You can download and share your favourite videos in a flash and save all your best content thanks to the hefty 64GB of storage.

With three different camera lenses on the rear, you’re always carrying the right camera for the job. The main 50MP camera always delivers gorgeous, crisp images while the 115-degree ultra-wide lens sets you up perfectly for that big group pic. What’s more the long-lasting 5,000mAh battery* lets you pack in loads more scrolling, messaging and streaming on a single charge.

When you finally do run out of juice, the 15W fast charger** powers your phone back up before you know it. *Typical value based on testing under third-party lab conditions. Rated capacity is 4,860mAh. **15W Travel Adapter sold separately The Galaxy A54 and A34 are the latest devices to join the Samsung A series. We take a look at how they compare to help you decide which is the right phone for you. One of the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 is their display size and design.

The Galaxy A54’s Infinity-O display measures 6.4″ whereas the Galaxy A34 has a slightly larger 6.6″ Infinity-U screen. The Infinity-O display found on the A54 is modern and sleek, benefiting from a discreet punch-hole cut-out front camera. In comparison, the Infinity-U screen on the A34 has a slightly thicker bezel and a ‘U’ shaped notch at the top where the front camera sits.

Both benefit from FHD+ Super AMOLED display technology which provides exceptional brightness and clarity whatever you’re watching. Similarly, both A series phones have comparable physical dimensions but the Galaxy A34 is slightly longer and wider than the A54, whilst also weighing 3g less.

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Display Physical dimensions Weight

6.4″ FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-O 158.2 x 76.7 x 8.2mm 202g

6.6″ FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-U 161.3 x 78.1 x 8.2mm 199g

Another key difference can be found in the camera specs. Both phones are sure to capture awesome images for your socials but if you’re looking for the latest A series phone with the set up opt for the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G. Whilst both models offer the same number and type of camera lenses, the Galaxy A54’s main (50MP), ultra-wide (12MP) and front (32MP) camera benefit from a higher number of megapixels than the Galaxy A34.

This is important because megapixels affect how sharp and detailed your photos appear and we know how important it is to create eye-popping content. The Galaxy A54 and A34 also have different processors which is important because the processor is directly responsible for the performance of your smartphone.

The better the processor the smoother and more lag-free the experience is using your phone. Both the A54 and A34 benefit from 8-core processors but the A54 has Samsung’s own Exynos 1380 chip, whilst the A34 has a MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor. Both offer fast performance, efficient battery usage and good gaming performance.

The Galaxy A14 and A34 are both awesome devices that let you up your mobile game. We take a look at how they compare to help you decide which is the best phone for you. One of the key differences between the Samsung Galaxy A34 and A14 5G is the display technology. The A34 boasts a superb FHD+ display, which compared to the PLS LCD display of the A14 5G consumes less power, provides more vivid picture quality and renders faster motion.

The Galaxy A34 also benefits from a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate compared to 90Hz on the A14 5G. Both offer great picture quality but if you’re looking for a super bright display with smooth lag-free scrolling, the Galaxy A34 is the one for you. If you love taking photos, the camera specs on your phone are important.

  • Both the A34 and A14 have a triple rear camera setup but the lenses and megapixels vary between the two models.
  • If you love taking large group shots of family and friends, or impressive landscape images, the 8MP ultra-wide lens on the Galaxy A34 is a great option.
  • If a soft Bokeh effect is more your thing the 2MP depth camera found on the A14 5G might be just what you need.

The RAM, memory and processor of your phone are all important components that determine how efficiently your phone runs. If you’re lacking in any of these three elements you’ll not be able to store as many apps, videos and photos as you want, and your phone may also run slowly.

The Galaxy A34 has up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of memory which if you plan to use your phone for gaming, streaming HD quality videos and listening to music means it’s a great choice. If you’re a casual smartphone user, the 64GB of phone memory in the Galaxy A14 should be plenty for browsing your socials and sending messages.

You can find out more about you need in our guide. There’s just one key difference between the Galaxy A14 and A14 5G and that’s, This 5th generation technology keeps you connected when you’re out and about. You can download HD films, stream music or play online mobile games, all thanks to 5G.

What is the new launch in May 2023?

Top phones launched in May 2023 Google Pixel 7a. POCO F5. Lava Agni 2. Redmi Note 12S.

What will be the new phone in 2024?

In early 2024, we expect Samsung to treat us to its annual bread-and-butter milestone event, which will be the arrival of its next traditional candybar phones: the Galaxy S24 series. Taking the reins from the Galaxy S23 family, Samsung’s next flagships will act as the main breadwinners for the tech giant.

Naturally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be the most enticing, but the regular Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus shouldn’t be underestimated at all! Currently, we are in the early rumor phase for the two flagships, as it’s just too early to know anything in particular. However, based on our experience with previous Galaxy releases, we can outline some expectations.

We will do just that in this article, and we’ll also catalogue any rumors, leaks, and preliminary information about the upcoming flagships. Although we are merely halfway through 2023 yet, it’s just normal to expect rumors and leaks regarding the Galaxy S24 to begin pouring in immediately following the Galaxy S23’s market release.

  1. That’s because Samsung’s flagship phones are usually among the most anticipated ones around, and the rumor mill simply can’t keep mum.
  2. And guess what, rumors regarding the upcoming Galaxy S24 series actually started kicking off way all the way back in 2022 as the rumor mill exhausted its fair share of Galaxy S23 rumors way ahead of their market release.

In this article, we will be summarizing everything we know or hear about the upcoming Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, including specs, features, design, and camera. It will be updated on the regular with all the new rumors, leaks, and news prior to the devices’ announcement and subsequent release.

Which mobile is best camera quality?

Best Camera Phone: Top Mobile Phones For All Shutterbugs (July, 2023)

Mobile Phone Primary Camera Approx Price
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G 200MP + 12MP + 10MP Rs 1,24,999
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 48MP + 12MP + 12MP Rs 1,27,999
Motorola razr 40 64MP + 13MP Rs 59,999
Xiaomi 13 Pro 50MP + 50MP + 50MP Rs 79,999
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Which time is best to buy mobile in India?

2. Approximately one month before the release of the new model – Reuters Only those who are content to receive a phone that will soon be out of production should use this advice. The optimum time to get a new phone is around a month before the most recent model is released because that is typically the time when merchants start to give discounts to get rid of their stock.

Which mobile is more sales in India?

Q4 2022 Highlights – Published date: February 3, 2022 Highlights:

Smartphone market in India declined 9% YoY to reach shipments over 152 million units in 2022. The premium segment (>INR 30,000 or ~$365) contributed 11% to shipments and 35% to market revenue in 2022, the highest ever. Samsung emerged as the leading brand in Q4 2022. Also, Samsung led the market in 2022 in terms of shipment value share with a 22% share, followed by Apple. In 2022, Xiaomi market share in India, however, in terms of shipment volume, was 20%. Closely following, Samsung market share in India during that same period was 19%. In Q4 2022, Samsung led the market, in terms of shipment volume, with a market share of 20%. Xiaomi slipped to third position in Q4 2022. vivo market share in India in Q4 2022 was 18% helping it capture second spot in terms of shipment volumes.5G smartphones in India captured a 32% share in 2022. Samsung became the top-selling 5G brand in 2022 with a 21% share. Apple continued to lead the premium smartphone segment, with the iPhone 13 emerging as the top-selling model.

Click here to read about India smartphone market in Q4 2022.

India Smartphone Market Share (%)
Brands Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022
Samsung 17% 16% 20% 18% 19% 20%
Xiaomi 23% 21% 23% 19% 21% 18%
vivo 15% 13% 15% 17% 14% 18%
OPPO 10% 9% 9% 11% 10% 11%
realme 15% 17% 16% 16% 14% 8%
Others 20% 24% 17% 19% 22% 25%

Ranking is according to the latest quarter.

Which series is best in Samsung A or S?

Cameras – The camera offering can differ wildly between the Galaxy S and Galaxy A collections. The Samsung Galaxy S series offers the best camera tech Samsung has to offer, split across high-res main, telephoto and ultrawide snappers, usually handling both well-lit and low-light environments with ease. They’re also capable of high-res 8K video capture, alongside HDR video capture at 4K@60fps. The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s rear camera setup The top-end Galaxy S Ultra model takes things a step further with a boosted main camera and an additional lens offering 10x optical zoom and a whopping 100x digital zoom ideal for taking snaps of the moon. The S23 Ultra, in particular, sports a whopping 200MP main camera with 16-in-1 pixel binning tech that really boosts the quality of image capture.

How much will the S23 Ultra cost?

Galaxy S23 prices remain unchanged only in a few markets – Samsung has confirmed that prices for the Galaxy S23 series will remain unchanged in the United States. In simple terms, that means it’s going to cost the same as the Galaxy S22 series. Here’s what you’ll pay for the :

8GB RAM + 256GB storage: $1,199 12GB RAM + 256GB storage: $1,299 12GB RAM + 512GB storage: $1,399 12GB RAM + 1TB storage: TBA

The is priced as follows:

8GB RAM + 256GB storage: $1,049 8GB RAM + 512GB storage: TBA

The :

8GB RAM + 128GB storage: $799 8GB RAM + 256GB storage: $849 8GB RAM + 512GB storage: TBA

Prices have gone up in the United Kingdom. The 1TB, 512GB and 256GB Galaxy S23 Ultra cost £1,599, £1,399 and £1,299 respectively. The 512GB and 256GB Galaxy S23+ costs £1,149 and £1,049 whereas the 256GB and 128GB Galaxy S23 costs £899 and £849 respectively.

  • Samsung has said that pricing for the Galaxy S23 series will be based on the economic trends in respective global markets.
  • What this simply means is that the new phones are going to cost more in some markets than others.
  • If you’re not located in the United States, you’ll need for Samsung to confirm local pricing in your market to know if it’s going to cost you more than last year’s models.

This shouldn’t have been the case, ideally, but the world is far from ideal. Samsung is evidently ensuring that prices remain flat in one of its most lucrative markets. It hopes that the sales matrix will be blended enough for a decent margin on its latest devices.

What Samsung is coming out in 2024?

Make no mistake, albeit a distant speck on the horizon, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is definitely coming our way. The ultra-premium flagship that will build upon on the superb foundation laid out by the Galaxy S23 Ultra is likely coming to the Android scene in early 2024.

Of course, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will not be alone in its endeavors to capture an even larger chunk of the Android market: the Galaxy S24 Plus and the Galaxy S24 are also coming along to reinforce Samsung’s effort. Yes, there will be a Plus-sized version in 2024 as well. What would make the Galaxy S24 Ultra a great improvement over its predecessors? It seems like Samsung has found its groove with the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, so we probably shouldn’t expect any major changes both in the hardware and in the functionality departments.

Yet, we expect more of the same, namely key improvements in all essential areas. In this article we’ll be summarizing everything there is to know about the Galaxy S24 and will continuously update it with new information as it becomes available.

Is Samsung A73 discontinued?

Samsung is reportedly ending its Galaxy A7x series smartphone and won’t release the Galaxy A74 The may not be getting a successor anytime soon, or at all, as the company has reportedly decided to end the Galaxy A7x lineup, This is allegedly due to the series’ lacklustre sales performance, with the Galaxy A5x series to the headliner of the Galaxy A series moving forwards.

As reported by, will make the upcoming Galaxy A54 the headliner of the Galaxy A series in 2023. The Galaxy A series is the South Korean tech giant’s mid-range lineup and recently, the has been one of the most popular thanks to its price and specs sheet. In backing the claim for the Galaxy A7x’s end, the report said that the Galaxy A73 is already marginalised in Samsung’s portfolio, whereby it is not available in as many countries as its predecessor the Galaxy A72.

Hence, it may allude to Samsung not fancying the series but will put more focus on pushing the A5x and A3x series in the market. Of course, do take this information with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed as of yet. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more tech news such as this.

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When did the S23 come out?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Galaxy S23” redirects here. For the satellite service, see Galaxy 23,

Samsung Galaxy S23 Samsung Galaxy S23+ Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

S23 (left), S23+ (center), S23 Ultra (right)
Codename Diamond
Brand Samsung Galaxy
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
Slogan Experience NOOOW
Colors Phantom Black, Green, Cream, Lavender
Series Galaxy S series
Model International models : SM-S911x (S23) SM-S916x (S23+) SM-S918x (S23 Ultra) (last letter varies by carrier and international models) Japanese models : SCG19 ( au, S23) SC-51D ( NTT Docomo, S23) SM-S911C ( Rakuten Mobile, S23) SCG20 (au, S23 Ultra) SC-52D (NTT Docomo, S23 Ultra)
Compatible networks 2G / 3G / 4G LTE / 5G NR
First released 1 February 2023 ; 5 months ago
Availability by region 17 February 2023 ; 5 months ago
Predecessor Samsung Galaxy S22
  • S23 : Smartphone
  • S23+/S23 Ultra : Phablet
Form factor Slate
  • S23 : 146.3 mm (5.76 in) H 70.9 mm (2.79 in) W 7.6 mm (0.30 in) D
  • S23+ : 157.8 mm (6.21 in) H 76.2 mm (3.00 in) W 7.6 mm (0.30 in) D
  • S23 Ultra : 163.4 mm (6.43 in) H 78.1 mm (3.07 in) W 8.9 mm (0.35 in) D
  • S23 : 168 g (5.9 oz)
  • S23+ : 195 g (6.9 oz)
  • S23 Ultra : 233 g (8.2 oz)
Operating system Android 13 with One UI 5.1
System-on-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy (4 nm)
CPU Octa-Core (1×3.36 GHz Cortex-X3 & 2×2.8 GHz Cortex-A715 & 2×2.8 GHz Cortex-A710 & 3×2.0 GHz Cortex-A510)
GPU Adreno 740 @ 719 Mhz
Modem Qualcomm X70 5G
Memory 8, 12, 16 or 18 GB LPDDR5X RAM
  • S23 : 128/256/512 GB
  • S23+ : 256/512 GB
  • S23 Ultra : 256/512/1024 GB
  • UFS 3.1 (128 GB), 4.0 (256+ GB)
Removable storage None
SIM Nano-SIM and eSIM
  • S23 : Li-ion 3900 mAh
  • S23+ : Li-ion 4700 mAh
  • S23 Ultra : Li-ion 5000 mAh
  • S23 : Super fast charging at 25W
  • S23+/S23 Ultra : Super fast charging 2.0 at 45W
  • All : Qi certified Fast wireless charging at 15W
  • Wireless Powershare at 4.5W
  • Dynamic AMOLED 2X, Infinity-O, capacitive touchscreen, HDR10+, 1B colors, peak brightness 1750 nits, ( Diamond PenTile )
  • S23 : 6.1 in (150 mm) 2340 × 1080 (425 ppi), 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 120 Hz refresh rate
  • S23+ : 6.6 in (170 mm) 2340 × 1080 (393 ppi), 19.5:9 aspect ratio, 120 Hz
  • S23 Ultra : 6.8 in (170 mm) 3088 × 1440 (500 ppi), 19.3:9 aspect ratio, 120 Hz LTPO
External display Always on
Sound Dolby Atmos Stereo speakers
Rear camera
  • S23/S23+ : 50 MP, f/1.8, 23mm (wide), 1/1.56″, 1.0µm, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS
  • 10 MP, f/2.4, 70mm (telephoto), 1/3.94″, 1.0µm, PDAF, 3x optical zoom
  • 12 MP, f/2.2, 13mm, 120˚ (ultrawide), 1/2.55″ 1.4µm, Super Steady video
  • S23 Ultra : 200 MP, f/1.7, 23mm (wide), 1/1.3″, 0.6µm, PDAF, Laser AF, OIS
  • 10 MP, f/4.9, 230mm (periscope telephoto), 1/3.52″, 1.12µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS, 10x optical zoom
  • 10 MP, f/2.4, 70mm (telephoto), 1/3.52″, 1.12µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS, 3x optical zoom
  • 12 MP, f/2.2, 13mm, 120˚ (ultrawide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF
  • All : LED flash, auto-HDR, panorama
  • 8K@30fps, 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/240fps, 720p@960fps, HDR10+, stereo sound rec., gyro-EIS
Front camera
  • 12 MP, f/2.2, 25mm (wide), PDAF
  • Dual video call, Auto-HDR, HDR10+
  • 4K@30/60fps, 1080p@30fps
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be/7, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot Bluetooth 5.3, A2DP, LE
Data inputs
  • S Pen (S23 Ultra)
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Fingerprint scanner (under display, ultrasonic)
  • Pressure sensor
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Hall sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • RGB light sensor
  • Dual band GNSS ( GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo )
Water resistance IP68 water/dust resistance, up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes
  • www,samsung,com /us /smartphones /galaxy-s23 /
  • www,samsung,com /us /smartphones /galaxy-s23-ultra /

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is a series of high-end Android -based smartphones designed, developed, manufactured, and marketed by Samsung Electronics as part of its flagship Galaxy S series, The phones were announced and unveiled on 1 February 2023 at the Galaxy Unpacked in-person event and were released on 17 February 2023. They collectively serve as the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Is there a new iPhone coming out in 2023?

Release Date and Availability – The iPhone 15 models will likely be released in September 2023 if Apple follows its traditional September launch timeline. The standard iPhone 15 models are expected to be readily available when the devices go up for pre-order, but based on the rumors we’re hearing, supplies of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could be could potentially be constrained,

What iPhone will come in 2023?

When Is the New iPhone Coming Out? – The next iPhone release will be the iPhone 15 line, likely in September of 2023. The latest iPhone SE arrived in March 2022, and the iPhone 14 line followed in September 2022.

What iPhone will stop in 2023?

which iPhones will be obsolete in 2023? Apple typically releases a new iPhone model every year. As of 2023, the iPhone 7 and older models are considered obsolete due to their lack of support from Apple. If you want to ensure your iPhone will still be supported in 2023, I would recommend upgrading to an iPhone 8 or newer model. Additionally, it is important to keep your device up-to-date with the latest software updates as these can help extend the lifespan of your device, even if it is no longer officially supported by Apple.

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