Oswaal Sample Paper Class 10 2023

Who is the author of Oswaal books?

Naresh Jain who named it as Oswaal Books in 1984 and started providing guidebooks and sample papers to students across the country.

Which is the toughest board for Class 10?

Why ICSE is considered one of the toughest boards in India – ICSE board is considered one of the toughest boards in India due to various reasons, including:

Comprehensive and detailed syllabus: The ICSE syllabus is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics in each subject. It includes a vast amount of information and requires students to have a deep understanding of the concepts. Emphasis on application-based learning: The ICSE board focuses on application-based learning rather than rote memorization of facts. Students are encouraged to develop analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, which requires them to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. English language proficiency: The ICSE board places a strong emphasis on English language proficiency, with English being the medium of instruction. Students are required to have excellent reading, writing, and communication skills in English, which can be challenging for non-native speakers. Extensive range of subjects: The ICSE board offers a wide range of subjects, including compulsory subjects like English, mathematics, science, and social sciences, and elective subjects like computer science, economics, environmental science, and more. This requires students to manage their time effectively and study multiple subjects simultaneously. Detailed evaluation system: The ICSE board evaluates students based on their performance in both internal assessments and external board exams. The internal assessments require students to complete various assignments, projects, and practical work, while the external board exams are conducted at the end of the academic year. This comprehensive evaluation system can be challenging for students who struggle to maintain consistent performance throughout the year.

In summary, the ICSE board is considered one of the toughest boards in India due to its in-depth syllabus, emphasis on application-based learning, English language proficiency, extensive range of subjects, and detailed evaluation system. Check the latest updates below-

Which book is best for standard maths class 10 CBSE?

CBSE Prescribed books for 10th Board Maths –

S.No. Book Author
1 Mathematics – Textbook for class X NCERT Publication
2 Mathematics exemplar problems for class X NCERT publication
3 Guidelines for Mathematics Laboratory in Schools, class X CBSE Publication
4 Laboratory Manual – Mathematics, the secondary stage NCERT Publication
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Who is the CEO of Oswaal?

Prashant Jain is the Chief Executive Officer at Oswaal Books.

Is Oswaal an Indian company?

Oswaal Books And Learning Private Limited (OBALPL) is a leading Private Limited Indian Non-Government Company incorporated in India on 05 September 2000 and has a history of 22 years and ten months. Its registered office is in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Is Arihant good for beginners?

Arihant books series are highly recommended for all entrances of various fields. It is very good for the preparation of JEE mains and JEE advanced. They have vast variety of questions and question papers. Their books contain very few or no errors.

Which publication is best for class 12 sample paper?

Conclusion – In order to get the most things out of CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2024, students should try to solve as many papers as possible. This will help them get a better understanding of the exam pattern and the types of questions that are asked.

It will also help them improve their time management skills and develop a better understanding of the subject. Another important aspect to consider while solving these papers is to pay attention to the marking scheme. Students should allocate their time wisely and attempt the questions accordingly. This will help them score maximum marks in the exam.

It is also important for students to revise the entire syllabus before attempting the sample papers. This will help them understand the concepts better and improve their chances of success in the exam. Finally, students should take a mock test by solving the sample papers in a simulated exam environment.

  1. This will help them get a feel of the actual exam and improve their performance.
  2. In conclusion, CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 are an essential resource for students preparing for their final exams.
  3. These papers provide a glimpse of the actual exam and help students understand the pattern and format of the question paper.

They also help students improve their time management skills and create a better understanding of the subject. By solving these papers I would recommend Oswaal Books CBSE Sample Paper class 12 2023-2024, Some key points for opting this book. Includes Ten Sample Question Papers covering important concepts from an examination perspective.

  • Answers from the CBSE Marking Scheme upto March 2018 Exam with detailed explanations as per the word limit for exam-oriented study.
  • I will recommend practicing CBSE Sample Paper Class 12, it helps students to practice for board exam where lots of syllabus based questions are asked.
  • The CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2023-2024 aid students in identifying frequently asked questions, subjects that require concentration, different sorts of trick questions, and much more.
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Students can narrow their focus and increase their knowledge of the subjects they find challenging. Solving CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2023-2024 has many advantages in Class 12 exam preparation. Solving sample test papers helps in analysing the practice.

  • As the experts’ design sample papers, there is a high chance of scoring good marks in the exams.
  • Sample Papers are made in accordance with the most recent NCERT- prescribed syllabus for the Class 12 board.
  • Students can get a sense of the exam format by solving sample papers.
  • Additionally, it familiarises them with the types of questions they might anticipate on the upcoming test.

Try to link the information you’re trying to memorize so that your brain remembers the information in sequence and it’s easy for you to remember things like this, writing the information down while narrating it to yourself can also be one of the most effective way to remember your answers better as while writing your 3 out of 5 sense organs are working ears, eyes and mouth, so it creates a 3 way neural pathway in your brain which helps memorizing and remembering stuff easy and for long term.

  1. Let’s say you’re a student of CBSE class 12 who’s looking to score high in his board exams, so you can write your answers down in a notebook and memorize them fast and easily.
  2. It’s very important to put your notes together especially when you’re preparing for class 12 boards.
  3. So the easiest and the most effective way to create notes is that first identify the important topics in the chapter you’re making notes for then you need to keep all the information in phrases and not sentences so it’ll be fast and easy to memorize.

Point the topics down, create lists of the topic, the main topic should be the main point and the important point in it shall be the sub-points. Using tables and diagrams for better understanding, learning and memorizing is way too easy with the help of diagrams than in the written format.

  • Messing with formulas in math, physics or chemistry could be a headache so you can minimize it with the help of writing the formulas down on a sheet of paper.
  • If you have a proper knowledge of the topics which are in your syllabus then it must take a week or two for you to prepare all the topics and revise everything but if you haven’t studied at all then you need at least 2 to 3 months to study and prepare properly.
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Prepare notes, revise important lessons, practice for the practical questions, etc. And if we talk accordingly for the whole year then a student must spend at least 6 hours apart from school time, create a time table and schedule to manage the syllabus completion with good efficiency.

  1. All the subjects are equally important, all the subjects hold equal weightage in the boards but still you should prepare for the hard subjects first which have more syllabus like math, or social science or science.
  2. Try to prepare for the subjects you’re weak in.
  3. Like if you’re weak in math then first practice and complete math’s syllabus then go to other subjects.

The marking criteria is different for different subjects, for some subjects the pattern is 80+20 format, and for some it’s 70+30 and a student needs to score 33% in both theory and practical to pass. Students have a fear of failing in their academic exams of class 12 held by CBSE.

Every year lakhs of students writes exams in India and above 90% of them pass, so for the first term you’re not declared fail, If you fail in 1 subject then you can pass the academics by passing out the complementary exam which is held within a few months of the board exams but If a student fails 2 or more exams then he has to repeat the class.

A student has a chance of passing out by passing the improvement exam for the subject you fail in. Keep your answers precise which means don’t write just to fill your answer sheet, use high frequency words in place of low frequency or low quality words.

Don’t use contractions or short forms of words. Increase the use of concise words for example in place of using “very rich” you can use “wealthy”, use “Awful” instead of “very bad”. Avoid using contractions and short forms or acronyms in your answers too much, that means use “can not” in place of “can’t”.

It can be difficult to maintain good hand-writing in such a hectic environment and lack of time but try to keep it clear and maintain spaces between the words. Use diagrams to support your answers when it seems needed to get a nice touch to your answer.

Arjun Patel