Sample Paper English Class 12 2023

Sample Paper English Class 12 2023

Why does Marvin hate the doors?

Eddie in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Eddie is the most annoying shipboard computer in the history of science fiction, and that includes all science fiction that has not yet been written. Eddie is in charge of the Heart of Gold, including all of its doors and elevators.

When we first meet Eddie, he (or it, if you prefer) is relentlessly cheery—which is totally annoying. For instance, the doors on the ship thank people for using them: “‘Thank you,’ it said, ‘for making a simple door very happy'” (13.15). Marvin is especially annoyed by these doors, and we can’t blame him.

There’s something a little distressing about a computer being programmed to enjoy being used. (Digression: In the anthology, science fiction author Bruce Bethke tells of a time in the mid-’80s when he was at a hotel with talking elevators that thanked people for staying at the hotel.

  • After a few days, he noticed that someone had put up a plaque saying that the elevator was a product of the Sirius Cybernetic Corporation, the same corporation that produced Eddie.) Eddie is just the same as the doors when we first meet him—er, it.
  • When the owners talk to it, Eddie just vomits up love and appreciation: “Hi there! This is Eddie, your shipboard computer, and I’m feeling just great, guys, and I know I’m just going to get a bundle of kicks out of any program you care to run through me” (16.7).

A simple “hi” or “thanks” or “pleased to meet you” would really be enough. But the fact that Eddie and the doors go on and on about how happy they are really makes them kind of annoying. What makes the whole thing disturbing, though, is that Eddie’s personality can be changed with a simple flick of a switch.

When they land on Magrathea, Zaphod says that he changed Eddie’s personality. Instead of being happy and cheerful (the opposite of Marvin), Eddie is now, after Zaphod’s changes, like an overbearing mother, telling people “I want you all wrapped up snug and warm, and no playing with any naughty bug-eyed monsters” (19.16).

This is just as annoying—both to the characters and to us—as Eddie’s original personality. And let’s just point this out that if personalities can be changed so easily here, who’s to say that they can’t change to something truly bad? We’re creeped out.

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What is the irony about the story?

Irony Definition: What is Irony in Literature? – Irony occurs when a moment of dialogue or plot contradicts what the audience expects from a character or story. In other words, irony in literature happens when the opposite of what you’d expect actually occurs. Irony is a moment in which the opposite of what’s expected actually occurs, a contrast between “what seems to be” and “what is.” To put it another way: irony is a contrast between “what seems to be” and “what is.” For example, let’s say you’re having an awful day.

  1. You got stuck in traffic, your head hurt, it was storming all afternoon, the deli messed up your lunch order, and your son’s school called to say he got in a fight.
  2. Finally, you get home and check your email, and see a message from the dream job you just interviewed for.
  3. You’re expecting the worst, because it’s been such a crappy day, and—you got the job.

As a literary technique, this device primarily accomplishes two goals. First, it allows you to juxtapose contradictory ideas in your writing. By diverging from what the reader or character expects, an ironic plot or dialogue exchange allows opposing ideas to sit side-by-side, creating a fertile space for interpretation and creative inquiry.

What grade is Paranoid Android?

Advanced – Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Diploma Categories Aural Theory Sign up for our newsletter This digital product contains one ‘own choice song’ for Guitar Grade 7. It can be used for Song 2 in Trinity Rock & Pop exams from 2018. Performance notes and downloadable demo and backing tracks are included. Publication date 15-04-2022

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Which board is best for English medium?

ICSE vs CBSE: Overview – According to the experts at Embibe, parents must do proper research before admitting their children to any Board. Below are some pointers about CBSE and ICSE Board that will help the parents choose the appropriate Board for their children.

Syllabus – If you consider the syllabus, you will find that the CBSE Board syllabus is most helpful if you are preparing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc. CBSE syllabus is much better in theoretical knowledge, but the ICSE syllabus has the upper hand when it comes to practical knowledge. Level of Ease – CBSE Syllabus is much easier, well structured, and compact than ICSE Syllabus. While ICSE follows a higher English language level than the other Boards, CBSE does not have a particular English language preference. A higher level of English language in ICSE assists students in performing better in exams like TOEFL. Acceptability – CBSE Board marks are widely accepted in nearly all universities, irrespective of the course you are opting for. For foreign schools and universities, ICSE Certification is preferred. Level of Explanation – ICSE syllabus is considered more extensive, an advantage for some but a disadvantage for others. CBSE syllabus is found to be more precise and to the point. Difficulty Level – The ICSE syllabus is considered to be more difficult than CBSE. The ICSE syllabus has more internal assessments and concepts that can be applied on a practical level. For better preparation, candidates can take mock tests for each subject and prepare for the exams. The mock tests are available for free on Embibe. Transferability – For those whose parents get transfers frequently, it is better to choose CBSE because you won’t find more ICSE schools in the country. Range of Subjects – The range of the subjects that ICSE covers is huge. ICSE offers a variety of languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and others. ICSE even has Fashion Design, Agriculture, Home Science and Cookery for creative minds. ICSE syllabus can be your best option if you aspire to become an athlete, visual artist, or scientist. Grading System – The Grading System for CBSE is grade-based. For ICSE, the marks are shown in numbers, which gives students a clear idea of how much they have scored. Regular and Private Candidates – Non-regular candidates can appear for CBSE exams. But the same is not valid for ICSE. Students have to be from ICSE-affiliated schools to appear for ICSE exams. Medium of Instructions – CBSE gives instructions in English and Hindi, but ICSE follows only English.

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When a person gets hooked on a hobby he realizes that?

When you get hooked, you will realize that your hobby has become an integral part of your life. Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and refreshes us. Hobbies help us to manage our leisure and unplanned time more productively. It also affords you the opportunity to learn new skills in your work.

How did Matilda’s belief that she was an error of destiny result in a lifetime of sorrow for her?

Matilda’s ‘error of destiny’ resulted in a lifetime sorrow for her as she was always dissatisfied and desired for a life of luxury. She was born and married in a poor family. She failed to appreciate her husband who had worked hard to secure an invitation for her.

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